What are these people thinking?

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Eastover, SC
Had two of my customers call today, that are scheduled for the end of the week, and advise that I could just skip there house this week because of no rain and the grass did not need cutting. One is a $55 per cut and the other is a $65 per cut and both are bi-weekly.

I told them that I could skip them, but because of the amount of the amount of pine straw and leaves that are falling that the $55 would be $120 and the $65 would be $140. They decided to go ahead and let me do the job as normal.

Do these people think that there is only grass in there yards? One has so much straw on it you can hardly see the grass.

How do y'all handle this or did I handle it ok?

Just scared of losing the customer during the winter and either not have them next year or have to do a massive clean up when I should be cutting grass!


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Ive run into the same thing this week. Had 2 calls on machine today that yard did not need mowing and they are always loaded with straw this time of the year. People think that is no problem to get up and I get aggravated trying to tell them that it is much harder when you go 4 weeks, two weeks of straw is bad enough. These are two that are on top of the list to drop.


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i'm sorry, but you did very bad. you stated that both properties had substantial debris, and yet you are still going to service the property, including mowing and debris pickup, for only the mowing fee. i dumped a few clients over this recently, and 6 more will be sold in december, for the same reasons- expecting me to pick up debris(leaves/pine needles) for the price of the mowing fee. cleanup is a separate service, you should be charging for the mowing, plus extra for debris pick up. in my book, what you are doing, is giving away your work, but it seems to be sop around here. :help:


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Ontario, Canada
In cases like this we would skip the lawn as requested then two weeks later when we go back we would cut the lawn at 5 or 6". Single pass only, we would cut but only 1/3 off. Then the next week we would cut it at 3" and windrow as much as we could, again single pass only. This usually only happens once with a customer then they trust us to cut it as needed. It's pretty normal for us to skip cuts for one reason or another but it's usually our decision because of our workload that week. We don't cut on regular days.