What Are These Wires?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Razzlo, Mar 5, 2001.

  1. Razzlo

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    '84 C10. Replaced 305 w/ 350 B4 I got it. There are several wires coming from the firewall that I cannot figure out where they are supposed to go. They may just be for the old power plant but I just want to make sure. 1st is a 4 wire, waterproof connector male plug, black,Lt.Green,Yellow (or tan)and purple (?). It seems that it should go on the distributor per the original wiring specs. but there is no connection there. There is also nothing close enough that I can find. Also from the same group, a seperate orange wire with a double spade plug, and a 'funny' rubber cnnector in the middle of the wire. Any Ideas? FYI, Engine runs fine.
  2. Captkaos

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    4 wire weather pak? Sounds like the ECS connector. Is it coming out on the passenger side from a black box mounted to the bottom of the dash?

    Double spade? I would have to see it or look at one to tell. I am at work though.
  3. Albemarle Lawn

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    Your distributor must have vacuum advance. Is there a vacuum line running to it?

    The 1984 had an electronic advance distributor with four wires and no vacuum lines. That explains the four wires and why your truck runs just fine without them.

    Consider yourself blessed- the ESC electronic spark control distributors used in those years were TROUBLE and they could not be tweaked for performance. What you have is much more bulletproof. Your truck is worth so much more with the 350 you have in it now!!! 305=junk!

  4. Razzlo

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    Yup. It does have a vacuum advance. As a matter of fact I replaced it last year. I looked in the book and saw where the wires connected to the dist. Guess I AM lucky. Any idea what the other wire is for? It is ORANGE and has a funny plug like this [-|_]. Black Connector, with a rubber connector in the wire. I think I may have pulled it off from somewhere, but cannot find where it goes to. Thanks for the help.
  5. 85w/350

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    also sounds liek a wire that plugs into the distributor cap...only thing is it sounds liek the positive coil wire and as far as i know your truck wouldnt be starting without it...other than that maybe a accessory wire...like for a light of some sort that dims and brightens and only comes on with your headlights

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