What are you averaging per 1000sq. ft for apps??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by KenH, Apr 2, 2003.

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    look, very simple. $12 per k, per app. it goes like this. if your lawn is 4k, u pay $48 per app. visit #1-dimension. visit #2 weed and feed(this is charged as a double app) = $96. visit #3-merit with fert(this is also charged as a double app) =$96. visit #4-fert. visit #5 fert +lime(only charge this as a single app, the lime is on me, what a guy huh?) this program at 4k sells for $336, plus tax. and is quite a bargain i may add
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    Now I see. It works for a 4K application, but do the numbers for a 30K application.:eek: :eek:

    Our driveways around here start at 4K:D :D
  3. bobbygedd

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    $2520. i would probably come down 10 % for the larger property. ok, before u nice folks start giving me a hard time, this is what im getting for my programs. this is what they are worth. i am getting turned down on alot of estimates this year, but the folks who are turning me down are the ones paying $40 per app on 3.5 k, they been through 10 other companies, and their lawns look like ****! they are the people who would rather pay less for a bad job! i cant figure it out. now, mind u, all my apps are granular with the exception of nutsedge treatment, and diazon, and roundup. maybe the liquid guys can do it cheaper, i dont know.
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    I take back my comment about your pricing structure.
    I had no reason to doubt your word. :blush:
    Our pricing is considerably less than yours, but thats our market. (for 4k at a very simular program as yours we're at $266 for the season)
    And we are typically higher in cost than the large national guys around here.

    Hope everyone has a great season

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