What are you doing for security?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PLS-Tx, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. PLS-Tx

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    I have been hearing of a lot of equipment being stolen locally. I can think of two guys that had their trailer and ztr stolen one of them just a few weeks ago A dealer had a new saw stolen one day and a new ztr the next, both in daylight while they were open. Also, we were out of town last weekend, when we came home it looked as if some thug had tried to pry the drivers door open on one of our trucks that was parked on our driveway, so it has me wondering it I need to step it up a bit.

    One thing I'm thinking about is security cameras. We keep our equipment in an enclosed trailer and sometimes we park it under my carport and sometimes at our shop that is in another town. So, I'm thinking about putting cameras at the house and in the shop. I don't know much about them but I'm guessing I can monitor them somehow with the pc??? I did see that you can get wireless ones.

    I did go to the auto parts store today and bought a Club (goes on the steering wheel $20) for the truck that has the enclosed hooked up to it most of the time. Also, I picked up a locking fuel cap for the Cummins, not so much to keep someone from stealing fuel but more to keep some kid from putting something in the tank that could do a lot of damage.

    So what have you done to keep some low life from walking off with what you make your living with.
  2. ajslands

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    I don't use cameras but I will be getting them, how ever is use those tough cut locks and those motion lights and then I park in front of my railed and it's enclosed and the side door is blocked by a tree. Also when I go on vacation, I'll take the keys of of my equipment and I don't other things to prevent people from taking my quipment, but I will not mention them on the Internet.
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  3. unkownfl

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    I have about 6 concrete blocks buried in the ground that I have a heavy chain bolted to, and a huge commercial lock on it that gets put around the trailer tongue. This is right on the side of my house so between that and a few guns that's it for now. All my stuff is insured and that is a must!
  4. MJB

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    Fenced in acre with automated security gate, only 1 way in and 1 way out, and I live on the property. I used to use motion lights, and considered cameras but the threat is gone now. I figure if you don't make it easy on them they will look for an easier target..
  5. Southern Pride

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    Well I keep all the equipment on my trailer locked up and in the garage. I have a lock for the trimmers/hedge trimmer need one for the blower and I have a great lock for the trailer tongue. It is designed so the hook is not exposed at all so you cannot cut through it with those big lock cutters. I feel pretty secure with it all in the garage. I nose my truck up so if they were to steal the mower they would HAVE to also steal the truck too but hopefully I would hear the exhaust. My truck has its own alarm system that kills the starter when engaged but I feel like they could get around it if they really wanted to.

    What I focus on is where my equipment is when I am out at a lawn. My biggest priority is keeping my exmark unstealable. I cut the entire lawn first and I leave the mower out back, running low idle because it's not good to kick the idle right down and shut it off after it's been running full blast for 30 minutes. So anyway, then I go unlock the trimmers, grab the one I need, lock them back. (Blower is the only thing I need to buy a lock for.) Anyone could grab it in 2 seconds off it's rack :/ So then I go trim, then I finish that lock all the trimmers back up and once I grab the blower off I know I'm good (since it's the only thing not locked) I blow the front then go to the back and ride the mower out with the blower on my back load it all up and like I said my hitch has it's own lock, then the trailer has that "cut proof" lock so I feel pretty good about the trailer and trimmers atleast. When I take my handheld echo trimmers I just put them on the backseat of the truck and ALWAYS lock the truck up while I'm cutting but don't set the alarm as it goes off If I forget to unlock before riding the mower up into the trailer. Once I get the blower lock the only things that someone could just grab and go with are my rakes, cooler, and small toolbox. Got to get that blower lock asap. I live in Memphis so I'm surrounded by criminals all the time. You may be okay 364 days of the year but all it takes is that one day that 15-20 minutes you slip up and your mower is halfway across the mississippi!

    As far as crooks and overnight storage I would turn to your closest storing units. Once I get enough equipment, I'll gladly pay their monthly rate to sleep well at night.
  6. PLS-Tx

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    We have our stuff insured and we have motion lights. That reminds me, I think I'm going to get a couple of solar powered motion lights, one for the other side of the carport and one for the back yard.

    I have a florescent light, with two 4' bulbs, in the front and back of the carport also.

    Oh, I almost forgot about the two guard dogs, that would be our little chihuahuas that sleep with us. :laugh::laugh:
  7. Southern Pride

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    Just thought about my old boss. Lucky for him lived in the "pleasantville" area outside of Memphis but his driveway just had a swinging gate and for a garage it was just an open garage that led to his screened in back patio. We would back the trailer right up behind that gate and pull off his gravely ZTR and gravely walk behind brand new and pulled them into the open garage with the keys in all night every night. We literally laid the blowers and trimmers on the floor. His only security was a gate and 2 bricks chalking the tires on the trailer. If any criminals ever ever even slightly had an idea of his setup he would be cleaned out so quick it wouldn't even be funny. He was an middle aged obese alcoholic though. His only concern was me and my friend getting all of his accounts done so he could make a buck sitting on his ace all day getting drunk. He was such a lazy POS he never sharpened blades or did oil changes, plugged tires and surely didn't care about security. I remember the one time he sharpened the blades and changed oil in 2 years time he paid me to come over and do it on a saturday. Sorry for the rant. Bitter memories of that guy. I'll never get like that, it was pathetic.
  8. Richard Martin

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    I don't go through anything overboard. I lock all of the trimmers and blower up on their racks. Then I take the keys out of the mowers. Since most mowers use the same POS key I installed a second real key switch on the Dixie. It's not going to stop a determined thief but it will stop someone from just driving by and making a few quick bucks at the pawn shop. I've also made sure all of my equipment is registered with the manufacturer and wrote down every serial number I could find on my equipment including serial numbers of engines. To top it off I have replacement insurance on all equipment.
  9. SouthSide Cutter

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    Not had any trouble yet. Have everything where it locks on trailer. And everything stays in locked shop behind house when not being used. One local kept getting his gas stolen why he was mowing, they just took the gas not the jug. So he put water in it, some kid on a scooter was gasing up everytime he cut that property.
  10. mowerbrad

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    Put Lojack on the trailer or the mowers if you are worried about them being stolen, that way you will be able to recover the equipment if it is stolen. There are security cameras that you can get that you can access and view via the internet. Also, invest in some heavy duty locks for your trailer. There are also the cables that go through the wheels on dual axle trailers so it will prevent the wheels from actually moving.

    Don't just rely on one thing for security, get multiple levels of security to help. The motion lights and security cameras are great theft deterants, the locks and cables are great for theft prevention. And Lojack is great for theft recovery.

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