What are you overseeding with?

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    What varieties will you be overseeding with? I am going to be using a 40% KBG-30% PR - 30% FF. If you have had luck with a mix similar to this please let me know. Thanks.

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    anyone? anybody?
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    That seems like a strange mix to me. Usually you won't see KBG mixes in the 20% to 65% range mixed with just PR and TF. I wouldn't think the lawn would look right.

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    It is the Jack Nicklaus mix that was used on a couple of his signature mix, it looks awesome. I guess you would have to see it.
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    What kind of Kentucky bluegrass? There are over a hundred different cultivars--from very good to very bad. Same for perennial rye. And fine fescue--or did you mean tall fescue?
    Our local university recommends you keep the rye at 20 percent or less--otherwise it tends to dominate the stand during the first few months and you end up with almost zero bluegrass. I am not a fan of fine fescue except in well-drained, low-fertility, low-sunlight, and low-temperature situations.
    I have heard good things about "Northstar" KBG, and "All*star" per rye. But you have to match your grass to your conditions and climate. And try to get high resistance to any local disease and insect problems.
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    I gave the Lesco Park & Athletic mix a try last season with good results. Blends in well with existing lawns, nice dark green and filled in well. I don't have the exact mix handy, but it's about 1/3 each rye/BG/fine fesque if I recall. About right for lawns here in CT. For some lawns with persistent bare areas due to poor soil condtions that the customer does not want to correct, I used the TTTF/rye mix, Teammates Plus. I was hoping I could get something to make it through a season and get established but in general a dry period and lack of watering wiped that out (most people here don't irrigate).

    For some reason, it's common practice here for developers to put down topsoil and final grade the lawn first, and then later do the septic system install without putting topsoil down again...I see it over and over. The grass is supposed to be greener over the septic system!!
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    I'm going with the following:

    40% Kentucky Bluegrass:Bedazzled Kentucky Bluegrass.
    40% Kentucky Bluegrass:princeton 105 Kentucky Bluegrass.
    20% Perennial Ryegrass:Amazing GS perennial ryegrass.

    I agree, try to keep the rye at 20 percent or less--otherwise it tends to dominate during the first few months.
  8. Darryl G

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    I just grabbed tags for what I used last season. The Lesco Park & Atheltic is 34% Prosport II perennial rye, 29% Shamrock KBG, 20% Foxfire Creeping Red Fesque and 15% Lacrosse Chewing Fescue.

    The Team Mates Plus is 30% Biltmore Tall, 20% Pardre Tall, 20%Magellan Tall, ?20%? Notable Perennial Rye and 10% Shamrock KBG. Not sure about the Notable percent..tag is kinda beat up..and other/inert it missing off that tag.

    Not saying either are ideal but they worked for me.

    I've been moving more toward the TTTF for poor soil/drought areas on customer lawns and my own because if you can get it though the first year, it will grow about anywhere...maybe not thrive, but it will grow. And it stays a nice dark green even without fert.
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    I have had good results with Team Mates Plus
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    No matter what the grass types are I almost always over seed with TTTF or high % blend of TTTF.

    That is the time that allows me to add a grass type that has great disease tolerance and drought tolerance and I am also really impressed with the color you can get out of it with less fert.

    TTTF is the only way to go in OHIO IMO!

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