What are you realy selling?


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if you think you are selling the customer lawn maintenance you may want to think about what you are realy selling the customer.

You are selling him time. You are giving him his weekends off with his family, you are selling him lawn equipment he doesnt have to operate , fuel or maintain, you are selling him spare time so that he can go golfing, or fishing or to the races, you are selling him a relaxing evening at home. How because he doesnt have to take the time to do the work that you will be doing for him. You have taken 1 worry or concern off his shoulders.What you do in 1/2 hour would probably take the homeowner 4 hours . Dont come down on price , ask the customer what 4 hours of their saturday is worth.Its certanially worth more than 40 dollars Dont sell the steak sell the sizzle. Show the benifits .
how hireing you is going to make their life easier.

Never bash the competition, listen to the customer what he has to say , read in between the lines, gain his trust , read the property ,look at the house and cars and curtains , how are they maintained there is a lot more to selling your service than giving a price. If he says someone else gave him a cheaper price , dont flinch , he is probably trying to read you , to see if he can get you to drop your price. Never drop your price , if you get the job anything price you give for work is negotiable.

I had garage doors installed by the middle bidder , i felt confident in his abilities, when he came for the deposit I showed him the
lowest bid , he dropped his price without me asking. Why? I dont know , he did . I was just showing him for his information. I was happy with his price in the beginning . HE cut himself out of 400.00 without listening to the customer.


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Good info!
I was wanting to put together how much it costs a homeowner to maintain their own property compared to hiring someone.I'm still in the "thinking" phase instead of writing something down.Biggest thing that I thought of was how much they save in their own time,not to mention equipment and maintenance.


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This is so true Mdirrigation. I used a slogan years back that said "Imagine getting home and the lawn has already been mowed". Made it into a sign and put it on the back of my trailer. People loved it.

We sell so much more than mowing. Free time, vanity, pride, knowledge, expertise, the list goes on and on.


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I have made the extra effort this season to explain to people that my goal is to give them more time and to take away the hassle associated with maintaining their own lawn. They really seem to appreciate what I am saying and it has paid off well so far...

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