What are you supposed to do with excess herbicide liquid? Proper disposal?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ijustwantausername, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Tell me why you can't.
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    NEVER call your rinsate or old chemicals WASTE. If you call them WASTE you are considered by the EPA a Hazardous Waste Generator. Lots of regulations and training is required if you become a "generator" of hazardous waste.

    If you call your left over rinsates a usable product that has value, i.e. it can be used for some purpose, then it is not a waste. With any left over chemicals, I would see if a school or baseball field would like to have a free spray of their field. If its for a church, you could even write it off as a charitable deduction.

    If you have too many chemicals left over, you may very well need to contact a hazardous waste disposal company. This will be very expensive and lots of paperwork.

    If these left over chemicals were from your personal use, and not from a business, usually many towns have annual hazardous household waste clean up days where you can bring unwanted chemicals to a location where licensed waste haulers dispose of the chemicals.
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    Make sure none of your rinsates have over 10 parts per million of 2,4 - D. If so, it is considered a hazardous waste and you need to notify the EPA, obtain an EPA ID number and use a hazardous waste manifest for proper disposal.

    You say you are "lucky" that you have a place that will take it. If an EPA inspector determines your waste is hazardous, you as the generator of the waste are responsible, along with the person accepting it. Major fines.

    Bottom line, never over order chemicals.
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    In the fall my last lawn of the year...gets dry fertilizer followed by a spray of rinsate water. If there is any left over it goes on my own lawn. If I triple rinse-I may need to apply the 99 percent water solution to my own lawn again or my mother's lawn. Customers are usually agreeable if they get a free extra--especially if it is followed by an extra ap of dry fert.
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    What if it's got glyphosate in it and you can't use it on a lawn?

    What if you used a neutralizer in your cleaning solution and can't use it in an app?

    What if you get a used tank and was not sur what was used in it before?

    Lots of reasons why.

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    Gly - crack and crevice treatment at one of my commerical accounts. - Low levels of Gly are often applied at low levels on many warm season grasses without harm too.

    Which neutralizer ? You should be able to put that down the sanitary sewer but read the lable first.

    Used tank with unknown residuals.... cut three holes in it and dispose of properly. :laugh:
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    This is humorous.

    According to an ex-employee that quit without giving me 2 weeks notice, I dump it down the drain. Along with my used hydraulic oil.

    Fortunately for me, the guy from DEQ that handled the "anonymous" tip was very decent. Definitely not your typical bureaucrat. Easy to work with and professional. A real public servant.

    FWIW, we follow the label recommendations which involves emptying it out on my lawn\field.

    Or, I can just dump it down the drain............Diluted, not diluted. Neutralized or not.
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    Clearly you should use all the materials in the tank and rinse and apply that material some place suitable.

    IE- I finished off the materials on my own lawn. I rinsed the tank and applied the water to my lawn. I left some of the rinsate in my tank... it is diluted enough to not be a concern on the next mix. I pretty much use compatable materials in all my mixes anyway.
  10. RigglePLC

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    Not sure. I would think you would be able to use a tank cleaner agent like Nutra-sol on grass with no problems. Does anyone have the label or any information on this question?

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