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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RSK Property Maintenance, Aug 19, 2012.

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    what are your goals for your business, and yourself, since you own your business? I'll start. I had a goal back in winter of 2010 to go full time with my business because the money i was getting working part time with a local lco and doing my own stuff part time just wasn't cutting it. so I decided to do something about it and i didn't need to quit because techincally i was fired in the winter. so i did things were tight my first year full time, but i still wasn't legit and didn't couldn't advertise, next year i said i want to make double what i did this year which wasn't hard because all i had were 10 accounts, what you know i registered and advertised and i picked up 10 new account that spring and a few other jobs and more then doubled my business. last fall i set a goal of 2500 a week for this season and i can't say i've accomplished my goal on a weekly basis for every month up to now, but may and june I exceeded my weekly goal in a single day for a few weeks, i should still reach my goal not counting snow removal. my next goal is to have 50-55 lawn customers so in the slow months where all i may be doing is mowing i will still hit 2500 a week and to buy house by the time i am 25 which is next august 18th. I think i should be able to do it if i can gain enough business, which i plan to do with the huge increase in advertising for this fall. but next year will also be my third year in business and my name should be a little bit better known, that should help me get work.

    and once i have the house i plan to buy a 911 turbo if things are working out well, but before i buy the house i have to buy a new landscape trailer probably an 18' big tex 10pi, bagger system for the new mower, a new back pack blower, and another f350 4x4 diesel dump with a fisher mm electric over hydraulic plow setup on it for about 3500. and pay for that insurance for the year like i do now. i'm actually planning on buying the equipment and truck this year before leaves start to fall. oh and i have plans to put 1 person on the books part time for next year, maybe 2 people if things go really well. :usflag:

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    My goal is to grow 20-30% each year. I wont be happy until we are running 5+ crews, and servicing 300-400 accounts.
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    damn that's a lot of accounts to keep track of. i know one company around me that might have around 250-300 accounts and they probably have 4-5 mowing crews go out every week. most of the other big guys around here focus on hardscapes and landscape design. and they stay busy but have 1-3 crews going out everyday. around me tree removal and trimming is big, not sure about your end of the state.

    how many are you at now? i'm still around 20 and right now being summer, i think 4 of them are bi weekly and then 3 of them are every 3 weeks. and i can do everything in a single day no issues if its dry out and i start around 8 and work until 7:30.
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    We do 120 accounts right now, with 2 crews.
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    sounds very productive, my buddy does 70 or 75 accounts with one 2 man crew in 3 days, but they are smaller accounts. 1 61 turf tiger and one trimmer. how do you plan to gain 180 accounts? word of mouth or what? also how long has your business been around?
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    by the end of next season buy a atleast 18ft open or 20-24 ft enclosed upgrade to a 2500or 3500 pickup

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    This is our 4th year in business.
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    We actually just had a management discussion about this yesterday. We have 3 goals as a management team. Our first is to find a new F-350/450 Dump with 4 wheel drive and a plow to add to our fleet. Second, we want to streamline employee efficiency. Third, we want to add another crew for lawn maintenance only that will work 5 days a week. This crew will service only commercial accounts or large housing plans. Those are our goals that need to be completed by the end of the year so we are prepared for next season. Once we sit down and look over our final numbers from 2012, a realistic goal for 2013 will be put in place, in terms of gross income.
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    I have 5 months till my permit, and only accept accounts that I can walk to within reason.

    I hope to be fully licensed with my dad as the Business "owner" next year so I can get legit without being 18, and be insured next season. I had a good season this year going from 5 accounts to 15 and only dropping 1 on the way, and next season I would love to make 20+ accounts,
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    well season 1 is not over for me yet, in fact i just added an account through a referral... love getting accts that way... so far i am up to 17 accts and 2 other accts i mow a couple to four/five times a year.

    my goal is -

    first, to make myself known to all businesses in my service area. if i land no commercial accts in the winter, i will at least know all the managers ;)

    second, hit my service area with flyers in late winter/early spring

    third, hit the street in march and april looking for new customers.

    fourth, continue to gain customers through referrals about my work.

    i would love to add another 10-15 accts next year. that would be tremendous growth @ 59% to 88% !!!

    realistically, 5 new accts at 29% growth would also be great...

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