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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RSK Property Maintenance, Aug 19, 2012.

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    hire some younger kids that are responsible, and know how to plow, they love plowing, i know i did when i was younger, oh wait i just started plowing in a truck, last winter maybe had 4 storms i did all my accounts, not bad, but i only had 25 driveways to do no commercial. skid steers with push boxes or 8' plows are great for big condos or apartment places. then a loader with a 16' pro tech push box and a dump truck with a sander and your golden!
  2. TJ Property

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    Id like to service ONLY commercial accounts,and just do walls pavers,patios for home owners. Im taking the next step in my plan bought a big building and for now im going to rent part of it out. Want to sell landscaping materials and salt and sand.Possibly sell equipment one day.Also would like to get big into site work.
  3. cpllawncare

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    I have already met my goals for this year, but would like to grow by another 20-30% next year, and stay debt free, not sure that is possible though.
  4. Turf Commando

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    What's everyone's reason for dislike of snow plowing industry?
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    By the end of this coming winter, I'd like to have at least 5 small-medium sized (less than 1 acre turf) commercial accounts, along with at least 1.5 days of solid weekly residential accounts (I'm at about .75 days of resi accounts right now). I've been able to fill the remainder of the weeks the past month or so with installs. So that's what would take place after the week's mowing & other maintenance is complete
    2-3 years - grown to the point where I have a maintenance crew 4-5 days/week & a separate crew of 1-2 guys work that with me doing installs 2-4 days/week & I can go to school for accounting & still be able to keep up with that on top of running a $100,000+/yr grossing business.
    4-5 years - 1 full time residential mowing/fert/aerating/overseeding/etc crew of 1 or 2 guys, a full time 2-4 man crew for commercial maintenance as well as tree/shrub maintenance on all properties, a full time 2-3 man + me (semi-full time in field) crew for design/build/installs, and slowly working myself out of the field. 5-6 years from now, I want to be out of the field completely. I'd like to get the business on semi-autopilot while I'm in school for accounting so I can focus on my studies & all my bills are paid along with a good amt of fun money.
    At this point I plan to have a Bachelor's in accounting (on top of my Hort Associate's) and will pursue a career as a CPA and eventually into selling investments & luxury home real estate & then be a day trader.

    Personal. In somewhat of a chronological order
    Buy a new dirtbike this spring - 2013 Suzuki RMZ 250, & continue to buy new bikes every year.
    Buy a house (I turned 21 in June, I'd like to purchase a house when I'm 23).
    Buy a new truck - most likely a brand new GMC Dmax.
    Buy a new toy hauler - brand new 35-40ft 5th Toy Hauler.
    Buy a 2nd/3rd property in either Florida/Georgia/Down South and/or Northern MN on one of the many lakes.
    Buy a Wakeboard Style Boat for MN, buy a 40'+ yacht for down south.
    Buy a Ferrari before I'm 40 years old.

    Oh, and somewhere in that long list, find a girl to eventually marry, somewhere between now & 30 or so lol.
  6. nepatsfan

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    I have several employees to plow and shovel. Not easy to not be involved

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yea me too, Especially when they are a no call no show. Snow plowing is just so stressful to me for some reason. I cant sleep for 2 days before a storm.
  8. ryde307

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    I write down new goals every year. Also write down monthly here and there and keep them near the computer to see them and remind me to stay motivated.
    Funny thing is I am sitting killing time right now because I didnt feel like working on snow bids anymore today. So I come on here and plowsite to look at other people work and companies to regain motivation and keep at it for a few more hours.

    Anyway to goals:
    1:We have a goal of 25% growth of gross income every year.
    2: To become more involved/known in the community/area
    3:Work on becoming more efficient.
    4: Add another maintenance crew next season.
    5:Add another 500k sqft of turf we fertilize.
    6:Then more detailed ones in each area but that is a few to get started.
  9. ryde307

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    This got me motivated to look at a few numbers.
    I do not do any of our billing or accounting (business partners job) I review each month and compare this year to last though.

    Counting 1/1/12 - 7/31/12
    We are almost exactly on track of 25% growth.
    We have 4 main services I divide things into Maint., irrigation, Landscape, Snow.
    YTD we are 15% above last seasons total in irrigation already with 3 months to go.
    Snow is behind with a bad winter last season but still have Nov and Dec this year.
    Maint is on track to be 5% growth from last season
    Landscape is 31% above last years total already with 3 months to go.

    As of now I am feeling fairly good about this season. Obviously gross numbers mean nothing if not making a profit but we maintain a fairly consistant profit margin with this season being up a bit from last. So for goal 1 we are on track.

    Goal 2 my business partner and myself are volunteer firefighters which helps with that goal. Also have done more local advertising and some donations for local fundraising.

    3:Some is a lot better some is a bit behind.
    4: We will see probably a bit behind on this one
    5:Should be able to get close to this with what we have added this season and normal growth.

    It would be good to not only see others goals but progress as well.
  10. nepatsfan

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    exactly....it's not the plowing. Put me in someone elses truck and I'll plow for days. It is running a snow plow operation, just really stressful.

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