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what are your opinions on everride standing mowers?


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wooster ohio
Im thinking of selling my 48'' toro walkbehind floating deck to get a used 48'' everride scorpion. Any thoughts on this? does anyone use these mowers and how well do you like them. Thanks Mike



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Cincy, OH
do a search this was just discussed a few days back. Look in the general discussion forum.
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Raymond S.

LawnSite Senior Member
love mine. It's a 23hp 52". Only complaint is the size of the rear wheels (too small) and too much weight on the front casters (ruts). Price is good, plenty of power, cut is great.


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Omaha, Nebraska
Get a wright,toro,scag.

Everride mowers are junk.

If money is the deciding factor wait and save more. Dont make the mistake.

Parts are very hard to find for them when they do break.

A little key word in my neck of the woods is "never ride" an everride.


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Newfield, NJ
bock- your post is ignorant. Everride mowers are not junk. Parts are easy to find for the stand ups, they are built by Ariens. Gravely, Great Dane, Ariens, and Everride are all the same stand up machine. They have great engines, hydros, frames, and the cut is damn near the best out there


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Youngstown, Oh
I have used great danes for the last 5 years and it is basically the same machine. I have had only minor issues and for the price can hardly beat it. However the floating deck is a must because alot of scaping can happen with a fixed deck since there is alot of weight on the front casters.