what are your thoughts on walker?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by lawnpro@home, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. lawnpro@home

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    hi, i have good business going, with almost 60 residential clients and 4 commercial client's, i have 2 trailer setups, the residential including scag turf tiger 2,exmark Staris,
    and Stihl/echo hand tool's. my commercial one includes bobcat predator pro 61" and wright 36" stander. the trimmers,cutters and bobcat commercial 21" are shred between them. i am considering getting a walker t30i for commercial clients, but i always like to ask the pros before buying something that i want to last.
  2. lawnboy dan

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    ask turf tracer
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  3. ltdlawn

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  4. jrs.landscaping

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    eliminates a lot of trimming
    leaves a great cut
    awesome for collection/cleanups
    great for high traffic areas where you may worry about grass flying on people/cars

    high maintenance (as far as zerks belts and gear boxes)
    heavy when hopper gets full
    not the greatest on slopes

    With the property types we have we couldn't operate as efficiently without them
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  5. Koehn's Lawn Service

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    Walkers are all I run I would not be doing this without my walkers I love them have ran them for 30 years have 5 of them one is an old 87 first walker I bought it is parts machine now in my area walkers dominate here in colorado I have 1 set up as 36 for getting thru gates 2 42s on as mulcher and a 48 we can cover alot of ground on our residential stuff with our setups my buddies that run big commercial props run 54s 60 inch decks around here
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  6. dishboy

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    ya walkers suck....
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  7. hackitdown

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    Great for bagging. I gave up bagging years ago. Bagging takes time, and then you need to get rid of the clippings.

    There is a "best" machine for every situation. I never had much use for a bagging machine until fall cleanup
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  8. dishboy

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    Run a B then , incredibly well balanced and nimble machine, also excels on hills. 42-48 mulch deck and 56 side discharge are great decks.
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  9. OP

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    thanks for all the replies, i talked with other walker users in the area(not a lot) and looked at there clients lawns, absolutely beautiful
  10. Mowingman

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    Had a Walker on every trailer. Crews loved them. Used them on any lawn we could fit them on. I ran a 42" mulch deck most of the year. During leaf season, we had a 48" collecting deck on each of them. Beautiful cut, and NOBODY could beat us on leaf cleanups. Even though I retired years ago, I have a Walker for my own lawn today.
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