What automotive oil filter for Briggs 26 ELS?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by sslopok, May 14, 2009.

  1. sslopok

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    There is no way that I am paying to put a Briggs oil filter on my scag with the Briggs 26 els. Does anyone have the filter number for a purolator or another that I can get from advanced auto or something? A filter a little longer will be great. Just don't feel like going to places and having them take 20 minutes trying to figure out which one I need, only to get home and it is the wrong one. I am doing the first 10 hour change tonight.
  2. mnglocker

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    The half quart filter is a NAPA 1516. IIRC

    Most B&S use a 3/4" thread with a small base gasket. If you can clear a considerable larger diameter filter you could go up to a NAPA 1585 or a 1515. The OEM size I don't remember, because I always have ran larger fileters.
  3. MikeKle

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    Everytime I get a new mower I go to Advance auto parts and they cross reference the oil filter for me and I buy the purolater or fram filters from there on. My exmark dealer charges $10.-$15. for a OEM oil filter and a purolater one is $3.50 and an oil filter is an oil filter no matter who makes it! They have never given me a wrong filter and it only takes them about 5 minutes to find the part number for me, maybe the auto parts store your going to is incompetent, try another store. Back when I had a gravely outfront that had a donaldson air filter, the gravely dealer wanted $22. for their air filter, I found an exact match of it at advance for $4.00, needless to say I bought all 15 air filters they had in stock that day!!!
  4. mnglocker

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    Not exactly. Get a Fram and the equivilent sized filters in NAPA Gold, Purlator PUR1, Mobil1, Amz, ect... cut them open and take a look.

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