What bed edger should I get guys?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by FinerCutslawnCare, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. FinerCutslawnCare

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    After doing a search I have read a couple post and threads, but none really say which bed edger the would prefer. I am looking at E-Z Trench pretty hard but have also heard that bluebird and Turf Teq also make a bed edger. One thing that I do like about the E-Z is it is perfect for installing plastic edging, steel edging and also has an attachment for prepping the turf for pavers. Any info would be great, thanks in advance:waving:
  2. Landrus2

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    E-Z will do fine
  3. elitelawnteam1

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    bluebird is exactly the same, they are pretty much identical. I'd go with whatever is cheaper, they both have attachments for various applications
  4. eztrench

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    There are some significant differences. The banner ad links to a video showing them.

    • EZ Trench has a Honda GX200 not GX160 like Bluebird
    • Zero-Turn Steering on the EZ Trench BE400
    • E-Z Trench has a patented blade design that focus cutting power one bite at a time. (like a pick cutting hard ground)
    • The EZ Trench BE400 model can also trench 7" deep and 2" wide. (optional blade)
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    How much for the BE 400, any spring saving deals going on? Is there a distributor in southern NJ or does the unit have to be shipped?

    O'Donnell's Landscape Management
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    Gardner-Connell is the distributor. 800-456-5691 xt 235 Dianne
    They will assist with a local dealer to purchase from.

    Thank You, Scotty Porter
  7. dutchacres

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    I demoed a turf teq two years ago and that thing was awesome. I am used to running the ez trench and let me tell you the turf teq will eat it alive. I like the fact that you can get the blade like the ez trench to install new edges then switch over to the other attachment and just cut a strip off old edges you have done in the past to refresh them. I like this because I pick all the dirt up after I edge and it is a lot easier to pick strips of grass up then dirt that is all powder. Plus you can put a sweeter, landscape rake and all kinds of other stuff on it to keep it busy year around. That is what I would buy if it were me. I also keep my edges maintained during the summer so it is nice to just take that machine in a just clean it up and it doesn't take no time. Plus it is self propelled so it won't kill your hands by pulling it around all the time like the ez trench does.
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    Little wonders are the best. No comparison.

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