What Black & Decker Lawn Equipment Would You Have?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OldLawnMowerMan81, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. OldLawnMowerMan81

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    I am not sure where to place this topic, but:

    Does anyone familiar with Black & Decker lawn and garden equipment - trimmers included - know what the best models that I should get? I am trying to stay away from anything "Made in China" which is why all the models I want to find are old (I want "Made in U.S.A." or, in a lesser case, "Made in England" or "Made in Canada"), outdated, obsolete and parts NLA.

    The Black & Decker lawn equipment that I hope to find are:
    8010 - 18" deluxe single-blade mower (produced from 1970-1978)
    8008 - 18" deluxe single-blade mower (replaced 8010; produced from 1979-1983)
    8018 - 18" deluxe single-blade flip-over handle mower (replaced 8008; produced from 1983-1987)
    8020 - 18" deluxe twin-blade flip-over handle mower (replaced U273; produced from 1970-1971)
    8021 - 18" deluxe twin-blade flip-over handle mower (replaced 8020; produced from 1972-1976)
    8035 - 19" twin-blade, twin-motor rear-bagger mower (produced from 1975-1979)
    8040 - (same as 8020 and 8021 except 22" cut) (replaced U274; produced from 1970-1976)
    U273 - 18" deluxe single-blade flip-over handle mower (produced from 1967-1970)
    U274 - (same as U273 except 22" cut) (produced from 1967-1970)
    Lawnforce LM1900 - 19" rear-bagger mower with electronic feedback controls (produced from 1987-1991)

    8209 - 12" deluxe nylon line weed/grass trimmer, 4.3 amps, 10,500 rpm (produced from 1977-1979)
    8241 - 12" deluxe nylon line weed/grass trimmer (replaced 8209, produced 1980)
    8242 - (same as 8241 but with 2 speeds) (produced 1980)
    8255 - CUTTER 12" deluxe nylon line weed/grass trimmer, command feed (produced 1981-1984)
    GE600 - Groom 'n Edge grass trimmer/edger, 3.1 amps (produced 1991-1995)
    Lawnforce ST1600 16" weed/grass trimmer, 5 amps, command feed (produced 1988-1992)

    U278 - deluxe edger/trimmer, 6 amps, 8,500 rpm (produced from 1965-1970)
    8220 - deluxe edger/trimmer (replaced U278, produced from 1970-1977)
    8224 - heavy-duty double-insulated edger/trimmer, 9 amps, 5,300 rpm (produced from 1976-1990)

    But... I want to hear from you on what your favorite B&D stuff is...

    Thank you,

    Ben Edge (OldLawnMowerMan81)
  2. orlawncaresvc

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    Don't mean to disappoint you. But black and decker equipment is junk. Straight up garbage. Do you planning using black and decker equipment for commercial use? I hope not.
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  3. Richard Martin

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    He's a homeowner.
  4. eldon withers

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    have 8220 trimmer edger like new need blance wheel sounds new thow
  5. OldLawnMowerMan81

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    I also need to point out that several of the 8209 and 8255 grass trimmers had been recalled, so if I find one of those they would have the appropriate CPSC-mandated modifications. Otherwise, I would have to find myself such parts the CPSC wants me to use.

  6. Groomer

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    maybe their buffer for polishing?
  7. mdlwn1

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    Are you familiar with 70-80's national reels at all?
  8. Penncare

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    The best B&D lawn tools are the ones owed by someone else.
  9. weeze

    weeze LawnSite Fanatic
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    i have a battery powered drill made by black and decker..it works pretty well.
  10. ecurbthims

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    my mother has an old orange flip handle mower she bought new in the early 80's ,that thing has done a remarkable job for a $60.00 investment .

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