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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Victor, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Victor

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    Hey guys, I just bought a 52" Lazer HP, with the 23 HP Kaw. What blade, or blade combo have you found to work best as far as grinding up heavy spring growth? One Gator Magnum per spindle? A Gator Magnum, and an Excaliber per spindle? I'm trying to keep double-cutting to a minimum. Do any of you also know if there is an "X" bracket I can buy to keep a set of blades perfectly square to each other, if I run a 2 per spindle set-up? Thanks in advance.

  2. TLS

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    Some of the Lazer HP guys will chime in here, so I won't get into too much detail about a mower deck that I don't own.

    But in general, Exmark decks perform wonderfully with factory OEM blades....SHARP ONES!!!

    I'm assuming that you already tried the Excaliburs?

    Different people get different results from different combinations. All I can say is try them all. Blades are cheap!

    As for keeping them in the X position....They'll stay that way all by themselves if you properly torque them. No brackets necessary. If they do move, no biggie. Your likely to "hear" a difference and you probably noticed the object that you hit flying out of the deck! (in little pieces!) When properly tightened and cleaned, blades will not usually move on you.

    Also make sure your RPM's are set to 3750. Get a tach, they're cheap too.

    Mow on!
  3. 65hoss

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    Re-read the above post.

    On my 52" HP i've noticed that doubles just don't make any difference. The HP or any eXmark cuts awesome with singles. I assume you are talking about side discharging. The OEM or Gators work really well. As stated above, sharp.

    The only way to know under your conditions is to try different combinations. Its trial and error until you find what works best for you.

    Hope you enjoy the new HP.
  4. Victor

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    Thanks again guys for the advice. Time for me to experiment.

  5. MacLawnCo

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    Vic, ill chime in also.... Doubles on my exmark deck did not help the cut one bit. Keep your blades sharp (sharpen at least every 8 hrs) and you will be set.

    Everyone has the idea that doubles will drasticly improve the quality of cut on every mower, but this is not the case on exmarks. They have their baffles set so well that their are no improvements that can be made to improve their quality of cut.
  6. Runner

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    I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. COMPLETELY. I have such a difference with doubles, that in the right conditions that call for them I will never run singles for these applications. The main key is, running the right combo for the right conditions. Now, as gators were mentioned above, I have always found Gators to be more of a pain in Spring cutting than any help. Other than like THIS Spring, when we'll be using them for leaf cleanup, because there was so much that we didn't get picked up last Fall. But when it comes to the actual grass cutting of new Spring growth, Gators are just too much of a hinderance, even run with any other blade, because they just cause too much clumping. By this I don't mean large grass clumps, but with the wet new growth, you get tiny balls of wet grass, that don't leave a clean discharge. I have found that a highlift with a bi-level or tri-level mulching blade on top is the most productive combination. The discharge comes out with essentially, the consistency of grass seed. As the season goes on, and the grass slows down a bit, and it's dryer, we go back to single high-lifts (solid foil on Lazers). When Fall comes in again, then it's gators all the way run over top of High lifts. One thing to look for in running these blades, is when running any doubles, opt for the thinner and lighter blades so there is not as much blade drag. With two set of thinner gauge blades, it's just about like one set of thick ones. I think many people run these big heavy blades when running doubles, and like running two sets of highlifts (another downer), there is too much drag for preference.
  7. NBLL

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    On a 48" exmark wb (it's an antique not a newer deck) double blades with gators on top made 100% difference for us. It improved the cut in dry grass and allowed me to cut in wet grass when I couldn't before. That is on this deck. From what I have gathered there are many variables which come into play of what can work for you: mowing height, height of blades in the deck if adjustable changing washer positions, type of grass, whether you have a mulch kit or not, wet or dry grass, how fast you want to mow and of course the design of deck you have. There are many combinations of all of the above, its a matter of finding the one that works for you. I just bought a 48" tiger cub and I am to going through the same process. Good luck:)
  8. Green Pastures

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    Sharp one's! ;)
  9. rvsuper

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    Green Pasture's,
    Where have you been lately?
  10. John Gamba

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    I Agree With RUNNER 100% And i Didn't even read Past the First sentence.

    try RAPTERS Singles Tell Me what You Think.


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