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    I'm from connecticut where the turf is wet in the spring alot. especially on nice irrigation lawns. Last year I had alot of problems w/clumping, stringers and the deck clogging almost immediately with My new machine . Ive brought it back to the dealer and he checked everything. Rpms, idler,tires,deck balance,pto rods and all other adjustments everything seemed ok.Exmark Mfg. even told me that the machine might have too much tip speed for these type of lawns and could be blowing the grass down, I never heard of this before. I am really frustrated ive bought other machines and never encountered this. I have a 05 Exmark tthp 19 hp 52" kawi walkbehind I paid 6000 for.I really believe Exmark should address this situation, I ve read about others having the same issues on lawnsite where they triple cut lawns in the spring. Please help . I'll try anything that might help.

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    Hey John I think I have talked to you before?

    Deck plugging can be hard to explain why it happens and the fix may be completely opposite of what a person may think. Most all deck plugging is due to grass condition. I take it that you are side-discharging and everything with the mower is good to go?

    The biggest area for these plugging condition are Northern grass, bluegrass and rye, yards with mixed green stuff (weeds, mixed grasses, CLOVER), and spring time growth! Yards that are wet and heavy fertilized just add to it all. Many times waiting for the turf to dry out is not an option.

    I know of basically 2 fixes for these conditions coating the bottom of the deck with some non stick spray or lowering your blade tip speed. On your TTHP52 you need to be about 2900 to 3000 rpm with the blades engaged. Also sharp blades are a must. I have best luck with the notched airfoil blade.

    Now with high end turf many times positive rake and sharp, sharp blades are a must. I usually get good results with notched airfoil blades and a faster ground speed. I have had many guys tell me in this application they have had good results with low lift blades. Here in Nebraska I don't get as good as result as with the other options.

    On the clumping and stringers I am guessing that this is occurring because of the deck build up? With deck packing the quality of cut goes down. Spring time growth and clumping grass to many times seem to go hand and hand. The other issue is spring time growth or heavy water/fertilizer yard is too much grass. The only way I know of getting around double cutting is to bag it, when there is that much grass.

    We should be able to make this better, what we have to do is figure out the grass. By changing around cutting heights, speeds and blades, life should get easier. Here again this may be tough to fix with out talking on the phone. I hope this helps.

    Fred Fugett
    Customer Service Representitive
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    nice post EXMARK. Very helpful even for us non-exmark-owners-admirers.

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