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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by old oak lawn, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. old oak lawn

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    What blades work best in tall fescue.I am useing gator magnum mulching blades now and have to cut tall-thick-fescue in the morning when grass in a little wet.In the afternoon i cut 7 town homes and drop to 3 inch and close deck block and the blades work good.I have to close deck block at town homes for saftey.They have more weeds then grass anyway.what blades do you guys use.
  2. kickin grass

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    i like the gators for mulching but all season i usually run high lifts till fall, gotta mulch those leaves!
  3. topsites

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    Standard high lifts, straight, and sharp.
    I also have the configuration with the deck and frame as high as it will go and the blades as low as I can get them while maintaining 3" cut, see but that works for me and I think I'm the only one like that...

    It's a bit trial and error, buy a set of highs if you want, and just try them out, but once you get something that works chances are it don't get much better, part of it is your technique so once you find something that works for you, don't fix it.

    Other guys believe rear higher than front, some rear lower than front (that's mine, by 1/8"), others like the deck and frame perfectly even, and yes it does make a difference but again it depends on your style, too.

    I got to where in my 5th year, I adopted the 'standard double cut,' meaning every yard I go over the whole thing twice lol.
    Sounds crazy, but it helps me out, years 1-4 you couldn't have convinced me to do it, but I always went over some sections more than once, and that helps, too.

    So play with it if you like, but make one adjustment at a time, and be ready to spring back if it gets worse, that's what I did.
    But regardless, what I did may work the best for me but perfect it isn't, I still streak or scalp at times, so you kinda settle down with some sorta setting(s) that work best for you.
  4. Meg-Mo

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    Try the MEG MO blades
  5. old oak lawn

    old oak lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks guys i will try high lift blades and see what it does.

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