What BOOTS are the best.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by IntegrityGuy, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Woody82986

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    I swear by Ariat work boots.
  2. btammo

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    I wear Carolinas (logger boot) and my foremen liked them so that is what i buy them...I just got 2 years out of my last pair and they are still ok to wear. Tread is down on them now and they are no longer waterproof because the steel toe finally wore through. The only pair of boots i never had to "Break in". Tried to get the identical boot last week and they dont make that style anymore. Go figure.!
  3. KAG

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    Chippewa - They cost about $100 a pair off of ebay. Really good boots. I have been wearing Chippewa boots for 30 yrs now. I wore the same pair for over 9 years once. Just kept sending them in every few years and Chippewa re-soled them.
  4. Valk

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    Workboots? What kind of work? Answering the phone all day? Sitting on a Z/standing on a sulky most of the day? Or walking behind a WB, trimming/edging/sweeping all day long? I'm in the last group, fwiw, and enjoy the exercise.

    Our feet are our foundation...and if you can get away with comfortably wearing/buying cheap workboots then you'll save some money.

    Having tried "workboots" - I found that a more rugged hiker better suited my needs for traversing uneven terrains AND leaving my feet less fatigued at the end of a long day.

    Features I want: COMFORT, traction on hills/slopes, water resistant, durability, heat tolerance.

    GoreTex XCR (eXtreme Comfort Range) is a fabric that adds water resistance while better coping with heat dissipation - making for a cooler experience in the Summer months.


    These Vasque's (owned by Red Wing) have proven to be the best all around workboot so far for me. I've tried Hi-Tec, Ecco, Red Wing, Wolverine, quite a few cheapies as well. Find what shoes/boots work well for you and your feet...cuz everything above your foundation (ankles on up to hat!) may very well depend on them to a greater degree than you may think/perceive.

    If you want a workboot/hiker with a steel toe then check out Red Wing or Danner. Both make rugged hikers with a steel toe.
  5. White Gardens

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    I love Vasque too, and yes they are owned now by redwing. The Vasque was too wide for my foot so I tried ASOLO hiking boots.

    Awesome, I can get 1.5 seasons out of a $160 pair for the Fusion GTX gortex boots. Nothing else lasted longer than half a season.
  6. IntegrityGuy

    IntegrityGuy LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well, boots for mowing mulching and basically any general labor.

    So far i believe red wing is winning and im going to have to check those out.
  7. JS Landscaping

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    I currently wear Chippewa Loggers. They took a little while to break in but now they are amazing. Been climbing in them everyday and my feet still are comfortable. Wore em down to NYC once and it was a lot of walking and I was one of the only ones who's feet didnt hurt. Great boots.
  8. LawnTamer

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    I think it is interesting that so many of you wear heavy boots. If it works for you, then that is great. I have found running shoes to be the most comfy shoes to work in. I walk a lot, mowing, doing fert apps. I love the light weight and the breathability of the running shoes. I never get hot feet.
  9. Southernlandscape343

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    I bought a pair of survivor boots from walmart. On both boots there is absolutly no tread anymore. The bottom of the boots is a soft foam material. I'm actually wearing a pair of the survivor boots that my dad got about a year ago that don't fit him right so he doesn't wear them. They actually have real soles and are great. Except for they arn't steel toe. I had the back of the trailer come down on my right foot earlier..didn't feel too good. If I had the steel toe boots on I wouldn't have felt a thing.

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