What brand edger?



i think the sticks work well once you get the edgeing under control...but if they were never edged the stick would get a workout.


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Hello,<p>Stihl is coming out with a new commercial grade trimmer that will have interchangeable shafts and allow you to change the attachment sometime very soon. <p>They said it would be out by mid-year (haven't seen it yet though) and is called a FS 85rt.<p>I know the FS85 is a great machine, so I am hoping this might be too. They are the exact same units except for the changeable shaft. <p>Options include a edger, pole pruner, hedgers, line trimmer,etc. I think they are coming out with a power broom too. <p>If the changeable shaft system is sturdy, I believe this may be a good idea. Have seen other systems like this, but never was impressed. Hoping that the stihl name will make it a better product than others.<p>I'm interested because I also need a new line trimmer, and with this, I could kill more than 1 bird with 1 stone.<p>steveair<p><br>