What broadleaf weed killers can be used on a Kikuyu lawn?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rob1, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Hello- This is my first post. I am taking a turf management class at a local college. I feel blessed to know i have many pros to turn to in case i have questions! I would like to know what broad leaf weed killers can be safely used on a Kikuyu lawn.? It's generally regarded as a weed, but some people grow it as a lawn by default.The closest post emergent i could find was Monterey Weed Whacker which mentions for use in warm season grasses.I specifically want to kill broad leaf plantain. Thanks.:waving:
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    I have never laid eyes a kikuyu lawn. That said, I know that it is a warm season perennial. All the well known warm season perennials are tolerant in varying degrees to 2-4d based herbicides. St. Augustine is one of the less tolerent ones.
    The Monterey Weed Wacker you mentioned is largely 2-4d with 2-4dp and MCPP added in to broaden the spectrum of weeds controlled. 2-4d products are the most widely used broadleaf herbicides in the world. Plantain can be easily removed with product similar to the one mentioned above. If you are still uncertain, just spot spray a few weeds in the corner of your lawn.

    Maybe a kikuyu expert will reply, but this is what I would do it it were me.
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