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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by BrendonTW, Aug 22, 2009.

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    This is not for a job, a friend asked me what kind of plants would be best here. They need kind of a variety of plants/bushes, but want to remove most of, if not all of the things here already. The bigger side gets about 60 percent sunlight and the small side gets about 90 percent sunlight. Bigger bushes towards the back and smaller ones towards the front. Anything would be a help. Thank you.




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    Hey whats up man,
    I live in Oklahoma too so I figured I could give you some good ideas. First of all they have these boxwood spirals or pine spirals that make great accents in the back corners. I would def. put either some jap. maples or even some larger boxwoods or pine trees. The middle to front should have boxwoods, nandinas, azaleas, hibiscus, crimson barbury, man the list goes on. And of course monkey grass(liriope) along the sidewalk usually looks really good. But ya I would clean that whole thing out and start from scratch. And dont forget to use cedar mulch if you can. The hardwood is too cheap and crappy. The cedar last a while, and smells good for a while too. Red and dark brown both fade real easily, so if there looking for longevity I would put the light brown(natural) in. The building has potential to look really good. Hit me up if ya need anything.:waving:
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    Funny thing is, I like the front. I can see though where the blooming bushes (are those Lilacs ??) would look pretty dull most of the season. The Spirea's look like they need to go though. They don't seem to be placed well.

    If you rip out the bushes, some endless summer hydrangeas look like they might survive there and give you some color. Mix in a couple of evergreens for the winter and your good to go.

    Around the side the handicap parking, I would maybe do a row of smaller boxwoods there as long as the site is fairly protected from the winter winds.
    You might think about some knock-out roses there for some consistent color through the season.

    Does the side-walks get salt in the winter ??
  4. Kiril

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    If it is irrigated, then your plant choices should be appropriate for the hydrozone.
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    Don't use Endless summer hydrengia unless it is irrigated. They will be wilted everyday in the summer. They are supposed to take full sun, but I would only plant in moist shade, without irrigation.

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