What can I do to earn your business?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by paramountadvertising, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. paramountadvertising

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    I know most companies dont ask that, but Im willing to do whatever I can to earn everyones business.

    I know the identity kits didnt go over so well, so what would you like from me?

    -Im working on getting designs for postcards and business cards. Some are uploaded onto my current website but there will be at least 5-10 new ones added to the new website by the end of the month. These are by far better than what other companies offer free of charge.

    -Im currently doing design work for practically free with any purchase.

    -I will be starting a giveaway soon. Im teaming up with Better Outdoor Products to giveaway a new Samurai for every 100 orders.

    Please post or email anytime for suggestions on what I can do for you!
  2. paramountadvertising

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    Well I was hoping to get atleast 1 response in two weeks.

    Just to give everyone an update, the Samurai giveaway will start November 1st. Any purchase will put you in the running to win one of these great machines.
  3. dwlah

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    Well you have had 140 people look at your thread so far
    Maybe everybody is going to wait til late winter/early spring and then flood you with orders
  4. MattsMowing3535

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    Your prices seem a little high. Maybe its just me maybe its just cuase you arent some huge company. how much could I get 5000 8.5 by 11 flyers for? Or half that size? maybe you just have better qaulity I donno :confused:
  5. J Hisch

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    To earn business over the internet you need to create trust. You can gain this trust in several ways. Create a post that will allow you to send samples of your work to a prospective buyer. Looking at something online and not seeing the printed quality will not sell me nor do I think it will sell others.

    Tell potential buyers ways you can increase their selling ability. I.e you can design a postcard, which then can lead to a door hanger, which can then lead to a postcard with special offer. Creating a chain of marketing idea's which all represent each other, thus almost creating a branding advertising plan. Being a printing company anymore is just not enough you have to be a marketing company that prints.

    Third, get others who have ordered to give a testimony about your products.

    Finally, most private LCO'S do very little marketing....therfore you need a good hook. Send the materials if they like then they pay if they dont they return to you....
  6. Billz

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    have more designs on there to customize...that would help maybe. I don't like paying to have something designed until I see the final result. Paying 225 to have a postcard designed, that I might not even like, is not how I do it now.
  7. paramountadvertising

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I will be changing a few things to meet everyone's needs.

    1. Designs will be free unless they are very intensive.
    2. I am having a new site designed as we speak. Once it is up there will be a lot more designs that everyone can customize.

    I have put the one testimony I have received from a member of this site in my signature. Im hoping to have a few pages worth in the spring!

    Im not getting a huge reaction from the mower giveaway. Is there anyway I can improve this? Different product, etc.

    Any other suggestions are welcome.
  8. SickSymptoms

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    prices seem a lil high i need some work done but to much money :dancing:
  9. Grits

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    I agree...when you first posted this thread I went to your site because I needed, and still need, some marketing materials printed. I was going to give you a try because you are a sponsor here. But your prices seem high....maybe that is what you have to make, but it is too much for me to pay. Maybe I am just a tightwad...but it is probably a little of both high prices and tightwadidism.(I just made that word up) I would like to give you my business, so I will be checking your site periodically to see what you are offering.
  10. MMLawn

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    You're not getting the response not because of the mower giveaway cause Better is a top notch company. Your not getting it because very frankly (and to help you out in understanding) all of your prices are just way too high and your shipping prices is even worse. ALso you website is not to the standards one would think and needs to be more "business professional". But mainly get those prices more in line with the norm and the business should come, esp with the giveaway.

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