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    Just wondering what a person can expect to pay for an existing fert and squirt company w/ equipment. His equipment is older, and in my opinion, not worth a whole heck of a lot. (older trucks, tanks, and old permagreen) He has over 300 accounts and grosses over 120,000 $$ a year. What can one expect to pay and any ideas on buying it for a percentage of whats retained at the end of the year.
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    does any real estate come with the business, and how much acerage of price of property and office ?
  3. turfmanagementspecialty

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    no real estate, just accounts and equipment
  4. RigglePLC

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    As a rough estimate--I would estimate 75 percent of his annual sales. Or to put it another way--about 4 times his profit, (funds left over after he paid a reasonable manager's salary to himself.) To this figure add the value of extra assets like equipment and land. Add a few dollars for a good name and reputation.
    Worth more if the customers are long term customers. More if under paper signed contracts. More if a lot of customers pay up front.

    How are you going to finance the purchase? Banks may not want to finance anything except hardware.

    To help reduce cancels and retain the maximum customers you may want to buy his company and use his name, trucks and employees for a year or two--then merge your two entities.
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    Dollar for dollar to his annual gross, the equipment should be negotiated based on what you and the seller can arrive at for a value. I have seen sales as high as $1.50 on the dollar to as low as .75 on the dollar. I think the variables Riggle points out are real and negotiable as to value.
  6. garydale

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    RigglePLC has it right. (75% of sales)

    Use a lawyer and build in a clause to cover cancelations.

    Hold retention (10% ???) to cover cancelations and old closed accounts etc.
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    Heres the part I cant figure out....Squirt companies are worth a years gross...Yet everyone on here claims that mowing companies are worth a months gross.

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