What can yall tell me about a Yazoo Kees?

I found a guy advertising one locally and he said it's only problem (besides the seat) is one of the wheel motors has gone bad. It's supposed to be 48 inch cut and has a Kawasaki motor.



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If it were me, I'd steer clear. I see it's a ZT Max. It's around 10 years old.

Any time you have to replace components in the hydro system, it gets expensive. Best case, you're looking at $500 for a wheel motor. If it also has pump problems, add another $300 - $400. If you don't feel comfortable with making the repair yourself, add another $300. I may be off on the cost of the parts by $100 give or take but you get the point. It's going to be expensive to fix and you'll still have an old machine.

As old as the machine is, it may be difficult to find replacement parts. To compound that issue. Husqvarna killed the YK line this year. It's only going to get more difficult.




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For what its worth I would find a good walk behind or 2. Not sure what you'll be servicing. Big or small accounts or how many.
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Yeah, I would stay clear. I think that mower has an IZT tranny, and if it does, they are between $900 to $1300 each to replace. A mower like that I call a nickel dimer, you fix the right tranny, then the left goes out a few months later or the motor, not to mention some bearings, belts prolly rotten, some pulleys, by that time you could have bought you a brand new leftover 2010 model or something....


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I used to have a 52" WB that was purchased new 4 years ago and traded in earlier this year. There wasn't anything major but it was always something. The biggest issue is getting parts. Everything took 2-3 weeks and nothing is available on the aftermarket. Matt