what can you get done in 60 days ?

Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by David Gretzmier, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. David Gretzmier

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    60 days left to get stuff done:

    we have for the past few years started hanging lights on sept 15 or so. I may bump us back to Sept 7 or so this year depending on how many folks do the super early bird discount. things to do right now:

    finish shop as much as financially possible- sides started, but need finished, doors, lights, windows. hoping to finish up for 5 grand or less

    need 12 foot wide pallet rack beams, already purchased 19, 26 foot tall and 54" deep used uprights, but need to go get them. container load is coming in 60-90 days and have to store it. 1200 budget for beams, spent 400 so far on uprights ( awesome deal)

    need 2 more box vans this year by Nov. 1 for 4 crews. 3500-5000 each

    need used scissor lift to raise pallet racks, finish shop sides and then use for pallet racks to load boxes. 2-4000 purchased

    get christmas light olympics scheduled for around Oct 15 or so

    a few more loads of gravel ( added 5 loads ( 1000 bucks dumped and spread) in January ) at shop for mud issues- 600

    3 Christmas post cards designed and printed $3000

    not enough money or time ;)
  2. britelights

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    I know how you feel...every year we get started earlier and earlier. Couple things for you this evening David :)

    -THANK YOU for sharing information on the different early bird discounts you offer. Last year, we offered a last-minute "free storage" offer for clients that would let us install the last week of October. We were surprised at the # that took us up on that offer. This year -- we have already sent out our renewal packages....and we offered an early bird pre-pay discount and/or early bird install discount. Again -- we are surprised at the # of clients taking advantage of this. It's a win-win and it's providing some much-needed cash flow.

    -Our new business cards arrived today -- woohoo!! Completely new design thanks to your excellent suggestions!!!

    -Question on the boxvan. We are currently looking for one. Do you use any of the cargo vans with the boomlift on top? Is it worth it to spend the extra time searching for one, and the extra money on the purchase???

    Hope you're walking better!!
  3. tjec

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    For those 12' beams I would look around craigslist. Should that fail you can try Edwards Storage Systems; http://www.edwardsstorage.com
    Good luck!
  4. David Gretzmier

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    on the beams, I have been searching craigslist in a dozen cities around me, and ebay. 8 footers are running 7 bucks, and 12 footers about 15 bucks. 12 footers help me spread my uprights further, rather than having buy more uprights.

    I have rented booms and manlifts when I have had to, but for 99% of what we do, ladders and climbing work well. the best use of lifts are tall tree lighting jobs. I have had very limited success using lifts or bucket trucks on homes, mainly because you have to park them on the driveway, and the reach is not so great.

    I will be purchasing a boxvan off ebay or trucktrader.com. there are dozens of boxvans that have 80-100,000 miles, 5-10 years old that are in great shape for around 3500-6000. there was one recently from new jersey that only had 6 or 7 thousand miles, a 2005 model f-450 that sold for 6000. I declined because I need to buy 2, so more in the 3500-4500 price range for me. I will be going for 16-20 foot long. I currently have 2 14 footers, and on takedowns they get very full. a 32 foot extension ladder needs at least 16 foot.

    walking with a brace on at night.

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