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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Elite LawnCare, May 12, 2009.

  1. Elite LawnCare

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    this lawn is fertilized by true green. There are bare spots all over in the front lawn that are all pitted, it kinda looks like mars. The last picture is the side and is worse. This lawn was sodded 7 years ago. The back looks fine. What causes this and how do you fix it. I was thinking aerate, compost, seed and than dragg chain link fence to help fill in bare spots.





  2. cgaengineer

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    You do need to overseed for sure...those bare spots are typical of what appears to be a turf type tall fescue. Fescue does not spread and needs overseeding every so often to maintain a thick lush lawn.
  3. Elite LawnCare

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    Should I overseed with a KBG Fescue Mix or just fescue?
  4. cgaengineer

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    Im not 100% sure on that as you are in a different zone them me. I would think fescue would be a great choice but I don't know for sure. I personally love fescue and if it was cooler here it would be my lawn.
  5. tombo82685

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    that usually happens when your law is aerated and you over seed with a bunch type grass. The tufted look also appears in area where the soil is compacted and the grass only seeks out the area that was aerated since its more favorable for growth.
  6. Runner

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    The problem with that lawn, (and this is careful diagnosis), is that it has tru-brown doing it. They are an all show and no go program for most types of grass. The problem is, they don't give the turf and soil any actual nutrition. They keep pounding it with nitrogen (which gives it green color and promotes leaf growth), but does NOTHING for the health and development of the plant. That particular grass in the picture needs even more proper nutrition that most other cultivars, as it has what is known as a bunch type growth habit.
    Without potassium, that lawn doesn't stand a chance...it will always look like that. And you can tell your customer that they will never get it from trubrown...it cots them too much. as a marketing company, they just bounce of of customers' needs like that. the potassium levels will promote denser root growth, which will then create larger and fuller plants - thus completely filling in the bare areas. Trubrown won't tell you that, though...they would rather just keep spraying 3 way on every visit to kill the weeds that inevitably grow in the bare soil. Advise your customers to find a reputable private company that uses quality products. They won't regret the change with the right company applying the right foods. You can't be a body builder on cocoa puffs and Snickers bars.
  7. upidstay

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    Switch fertilizer compnaies and overseed it with a good blend. Looks like it's probably a turf type tall fescue. I like Lesco's Team Mates Plus which is the TTTF and some blue and rye mixed in. Always had great luck with it.
  8. Elite LawnCare

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    Do any of the "craters" need to be filled in with anything or top dressed? Or should I just overseed fertilize and recomend them to the guy I refer people to that has been doing treatments since 1973?

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