what chainsaw to buy?

Discussion in 'Tree Care Equipment' started by Chilly1, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Mr Stripe

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    That's what I like about my MS 362 C-M

  2. HEMTT

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    I think see a MS362 C-M or larger in my future as well, just wanted a mid sized saw for cleanup. I have some HUGE (48"++) maples still standing on my property, I'll need something bigger for them without going bat crazy.
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  3. weeze

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    get one of these. $200-$250 on ebay.

    for big jobs get this equipment:

  4. weeze

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    re-uploaded video:

  5. GoPappy

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    I'm bumping this old thread in the hope that HEMTT will see it and reply back with his opinion on the MS261 C-M after a couple of years of use.

    I'm seriously thinking of getting one, and trying to convince myself that "buy once, cry once" is the right thing to do in this instance. An MS250 ($300) or MS271 Farm Boss ($400) would do what I need (clearing fallen trees and cutting up firewood blanks for splitting).

    But the 261 ($600) is lighter than the 271, and more powerful than the 250 and 271. I keep thinking that the 261 might be the last saw I ever need to buy and would be worth the extra $$$.

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