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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Florida Gardener, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. i need advice here. i need a chainsaw that wont see tons of abuse. I need one to trim palms only for my customers. i dont plan on doing heavy duty tree work at least for right now. i already have a redmax pole saw attachment but i need a chainsaw for trimming palm boots and such.....
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    dolmar ps5100 is a small saw but it cuts great i think you can pick one up at ammicks super store. solo and makita are the same as that saw or make saws same as that i mean. 50cc high perofrmance saw is a good size with a 20" or 18" bar. husky 346xp is a 50cc good saw 357xp is a bit bigger but is also a great saw. a stihl ms260 pro is also good 50cc they will all be arround 500-600 so be ready for that but they are very fast saws and make your day much easier than a non comercial saw. a 359 husky is a heavier non comercial saw for 550 it will do the same as those saws but it isnt as fast and it is heavier
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    Stihl MS 170 works nicely...
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    Stihl 210 will fit your needs. Very durable. Will last a long, long time.
  5. thanks for the replies so far....i have to say that i am a redmax guy and own all redmax handhelds, blower etc. but i do see virtually everyone using stihl chainsaws....
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    In all honesty a Stihl MS180 will cut what you described like a light saber. If you wanted to up the dosage a bit get a Husky 346XP. I have them both and neither have cons, only pro's.
  7. how much did that 180 run you if you dont mind me asking????
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    stihl ms192 light as a feather. good for in the tree work and wont break the bank.

    if you wan to go budget then you can always go with the echo.. cs330...

    I'm a big fan of top handle saws for tree work... while in the tree or in a bucket.
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    I believe I paid $190 OTD.


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