What chems can i use in the same tank?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Newby08, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Hi newby08, My name is Nate. Illinois deapartment of agriculture Applicator's license, Turf, Ornamentals, Right-Of-Way and Mosquito sub categories. I have 5 years experience.... and I am still learning. My best advice is Read labels 'til you can't see anymore, pick the lesco guy's brain and anyone who has more than 4 years experience.(journeyman) If you don't know EXACTLY what you are doing, and EXACTLY how to do it DON'T DO IT!!!! You can do some serious damage with the chemicals we use. Read every chemical label you can get your hands on, and it will say on the label if it is mixable with other chemicals. I would like to think I know somthing about what I am doing, but I still spend half of every winter reading and learning more about the chemicals. If you need somthing else, or have questions, you can pm me. I would rather help you than see you kill a rose by putting the wrong insecticide on it. Hope I helped.
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    sounds good, I don't plan on killing anything or using any chemicals that I don't know how to use. I do know that I don't know hardly a thing about all of this. I have been more focused on the organics than I have the synthetic chemicals because that is what I plan on using. I also do know that you all know a whole lot more than me on all of this and I have a lot of respect for all of you. I hope I didn't and don't come off as a new little prick who thanks he knows all and will be out there throwing chems on everything and not do any research before I perform any work. All I ask is that if there is a question that I have that it be answered... that is the whole point of this forum correct? I've met a lot of great guys on here and appoligize if I have come off in a bad way to anyone. The whole reason I'm on here is to learn more about this subject so that I can perform the job correctly and take care of any customers I have in the future.

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    Newby08, don't sweat it. I got run through when I arrived here a few months ago myself! Well, a little bit, anyways.

    If you are going to go with mostly organics, you might think about just using backpack sprayers unless you have some very large properties. Sure, it's slow, and there are those here who would scoff at the notion, but it's a way to get started without creating a lot of overhead. It works for me even long term, because I only do small residential properties... 3,4 maybe 5k of turf each. Like you, I am an LCO, but want to offer all services, apps, plantings, maintenance. I may only handle chemicals 10 times in a season. I don't need the heavy artillery most of these guys use. Nor do I have the storage space for such a big spray operation. I also use granular whenever I can, but using spray application systems can't be avoided either.

    I think you have the right idea, sounds like you are an IPM man, or at least buy into it as a strategy. As an LCO, that is the backbone of my business plan. I still get flamed once in a while... doesn't bother me much. Small price to pay for the accumulated experience and knowledge here. Good luck.
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    You know.. When it comes to rinsing out your tank, it's really going to be common sense + experience... For example, If you have a herbicide in your tank, and you need to spray insecticide on some bushes, you need to clean out your tank pretty good..

    If you have insecticide in your tank, and you need to spray weeds, then you're probably safe... but maybe not legal, depending...

    Just always be aware what target, and Non-target pests could be affected.. some times a much smaller dose of active ingrediant can still have an effect... best rule of thumb is to assume every chem that has touched your tank since the last rinse will have FULL effect...
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    what do you mean by target and non target?
  6. Newby08

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    that was a joke.

    HAHA. Funny Funny.
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    You wouldn't believe how many "spray monkeys" are out there that are licensed and can't answer that question.
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    If you have not realized yet there is probationary period on this site where everyone tools on you until that one day when the eternal ice cream in the sky melts away and dogs and cats start living togeather in perfect harmony....BLABLA... Then and only then you will start with the sarcastic comments towards the NOOB.
    We were all there at some point in history and its all good, keep asking the questions and learn from our mistakes and trust me I am sure we have all made them.
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    When I started out this is something I really never thought of... I was under the assumption that if I had rinsed the tank really well and flushed the hose out then the new mix I put in the tank would just dilute whatever I had in there (any tiny bit that was left even after rinsing) down to nothing that would harm anything. I never thought that the poly tank and rubber hose would absorb chemicals, especially things like 2-4D, Glyphosphate, or soil sterilants. And that other chemicals in the tank could actually leech those absorbed chemicals out of the poly and back into my new mix...

    1. It's a good thing I never did any tree and shrub spraying before I learned this...
    2. No, I've never killed or burned any plants since then. I HAVE used my lawn tank for spraying bagworms on evergreens, I used the tank nutrilizer/cleaner first, then just had to hope like hell that it was clean...
    3. Don't do that!

    I actually don't recall who told me or where I read that the tanks can't ever be totally "cleaned" after having herbicides in them (cleaned well enough to 100% trust them for spraying other things). But I'm pretty sure it wasn't in my pesticide manuals. That was 10 years ago now...

    Like has already been beat to death here, there's a lot to learn with chemicals other than what's in the test and study books. Real world experience and getting tips from a long time Pro. that you trust will teach you more than a book can. Of course the labels help too, lol.
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    I would never recommend sharing any tanks for products! Even if Lesco has a tank cleaner....it is VERY hard to clean a tank and lines that good.

    Not true.
    Once you understand even a modicum of chemistry, the proper cleaning of a spray tank is not only easy, when done properly there are no off-target effects.
    I have been in this industry for approaching twenty years and have worked with both C3 and C4 turfgrasses at a multitude of sites.
    I have never had an off-target effect and I have used primarily one rig for all of my applications.
    Learn how the different pumps work, know your equipment, know your chemicals and you won't have a problem.

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