What color/type of mulch for red brick house?

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    Ok guys, this is my last question (I hope) for the day.

    I have a small area in between my porch and my lawn is an open area that hold 4 shrubs. I plan to switch the mulch that's currently there. Here are my questions:

    If I dig up the mulch is there anything else underneath? Is mulch just for appearance? Obviously dirt is beneath but is there anything else? I need to know if I can just dig this up and throw some new mulch on top.
    Also what color/type of mulch would look best for a red brick house. I wanted red mulch but I currently have a redbrick ring around my tree and plan to add a redbrick border around the shrubs. (this will be temporary til I can get the bullet edgers.) I was thinking a dark brown or maybe black. But I do not know the difference between them.

    Again I thank you guys for the assistance.
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    The colored mulch you are referring to is typically recylcled and dyed wood waste used mostly in commercial applications around here. In my opinion, the more you stray from the browns, the more cheaper and un-natural it would look. We only use cedar, hemlock, or shredded pine bark mulch on the residential projects we undertake and find either of the three look best in a residential application. Costs would only be slightly higher for the real deal and it would look better anyways.

    If there is little mulch there already, I would say you could cover it with the new mulch. If there is lots of mulch there, remove the old and replace with new.

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    thanks! The aread is about 3x7 at best. I have to weed the bed though, it got taken by those weeds that look like strings and branch off one another. Big mess. I got to dig up all the roots so I might as well get rid of the current mulch.
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    Preen works great in mulch beds. Old mulch or new.

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