what constitutes a "junk system"

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    I should have said parallel to the street in the above post.
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    i see this posted at times, 0 is not an indication of an open wire path it is a measurement of resistance, 1 or OL is an indication of infinity. sounds like some of the jobs i have had lately.

    Peter, that layout is similar to 99% of the jobs i am on, some just larger
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    What constitutes a "junk" system? How about when the homeowner says "I'm an electrical engineer, and I put the system in myself". Had that happen to me yesterday on a cold call, and the system had to be in my top 5 of all time worst. I may post some photos, but I'm afraid Old Man Rivers in the tin can may have a heart attack. :) I got it running, but will be telling him no more.
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    Engineer-installed systems should have narrated videos, with soundtrack music.
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    i don't care who you are, THAT'S FUNNY :laugh::laugh:
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    Hmmmmmm.... Mcdonalds? LOL they're all pretty bad there. Supposed to be an easy day today, just go out and look at a couple systems for a older lady who does some landscaping. Show up and she shows me the controller, one of those older 12 zone green outdoor mechanical RB's. Ooh forgot to mention the fact that it was hanging on the wall by one screw and had a exterior sliced lampcord for a plug and a well worn outlet that it plugged into. I finally lost patience with the thing, I could never tell if it had power or not as you had to hold pressure on the plug to hope it made contact. So in a stroke of genius (I thought :rolleyes:) I pulled the face and wired the common to one lead of the transformer and made a jumper for the other. The idea being i touch the lead to a zone complete the circuit and a zone comes on. Not sure how, the outdoor plug circuit tripped and the transformer in the controller stopped transforming:wall. Not to mention it has no backflow, and after tracing a wire ( which the sewer company conveniently spliced with phone cable) and pipe into an overgrown area and under a tree looking for the other three zones that supposedly exist. Anybody else seen one of those NAAN sprinklers? Kind of looks like a shrub rotor. Anyway, 10 more days til I start my new job in the US Navy. Post pics later.

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    Isn't that the truth...
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    does anyone want this?

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    I'll take the enclosure minus the facepack.

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