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    THANKS A LOT for your great feedback. It means a lot when someone busy like yourself takes a few min to provide great information as you have. Let me try and address some of your question.

    On the project list will be some tools to help you measure SQ footage. It's technically possible just not yet implemented, this is why we show you a arial view of the home or business.

    We'll have to see about making bids anonymous but to me that's part of the appeal, I can research each company. As someone said early in the thread they aren't the low bidder but because you can see their work product you might hire them. Plus the customer isn't paying only the provider so the customer has no reason to "wire around" me. They might do it anyway but I'll email them to death asking them to PICK A WINNER so they'll get tired of those emails and close out the job, thus generating a transaction. I could be wrong about this though.

    The budget to me is the hardest nut to crack. For instance I've noticed people who don't put a budget in 1) get less bids 2) the bids are higher, although that's a pretty small sample size. Contractors don't want to bid jobs where they guy thinks he can get something done for $15 that costs $100 what makes it worse if the customer doesn't tell the contractor they are thinking of $15. Contractors then waste their time submitting a bid that has ZERO chance of getting accepted. Trust me this is something I think a lot about. I've flip flopped from a required budget to a optional budget and I'm thinking of changing back to required, because generally I think customers think something costs less than it does.

    You are right about traffic it's chicken and egg. That said one way to help that is to spend your (my) marketing dollars in select markets first. For instance I have a lot of people singed up in San Diego. I do have a marketing budget, not sure it's $50,000 but it's some we'll see. BUT BUT BUT before I spend that money getting valuable feedback like this is what I have to do, otherwise I'm wasting money. Another example if I had spent $5,000 on marketing today I woudln't have known till it was too late that "POST A JOB" is bad language someone thought it was a competitor to monster.com, oops. So I'm working with a copywriter to help craft better language. Then go to market.

    All That said like you mentioned it does work. I guess I would say to people like yourself the listing is and will ALWAYS be free. It takes about 10 min to create a listing and it's a FREE link to your website(google backlink help) and a way to really show your work compared to others in your area. We are already on the first page on google for certain keywords.

    But in the end if I can help lawn and landscape companies reduce the effort they have to spend on marketing AND help customers, that's what I want to do.

    If you have questions feel free to email me phil at servicevines dot com or just respond here and again I really appreciate the great feedback

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