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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ladibugg, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. ladibugg

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    Has anyone found that a certain day of the week is the best to do mailings? I have searched the net for answers but came up with nothing.
    When I do a mailing it only takes one day to process, so the recipient gets it the next day. Is one day better than another to get a response? Which day do you get most of your ads?:confused:
  2. Flow Control

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    I have wondered the same thing... I hear that if they receive the item on a Friday that are more likely to call since they have the weekend to look at it. Then from someone else you will hear that don't have the item received on a Friday because it is the weekend and they won't look through junk mail. If you really think about it track the junk mail you get at home to what days you get more then others. I don't think there is one perfect day or we would notice it at our own homes with an influx of mail.
  3. Mr Budget

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    I believe it would be Saturday most people have the weekend off and our at home they walk out get there mail, see your ad and look around the yard before going back in and figure they already don't want to do that spring clean up so they will be calling your # soon as they get back in the house.this way they can tell the wife i have a LCC coming out to give us a price, when she tells him to go out and do the clean up:dancing:
  4. drsogr

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    I have mine delivered on Monday. Monday seems to me the day when people like to get things done. I get most of my calls on Mondays.

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