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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by befnme, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. befnme

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    when you are told you are being replaced or " i am going to go a different route " do you try to find out what went wrong or just shrug and say ok best of luck .
  2. ACEMowing

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    It depends on the customer... if it's a good account I would generally try and find out why, but in the end tell them "we appreciated your business and if we can be of service in the future please let us know." I've seen in the past where a customer would leave for a lower price to find out that the new guy is providing poor service. They often come back in matter of weeks.
  3. HighGrass

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    I raised my prices this year by about 3-5 bucks across the board.

    Here were the results:
    3-Said they were going to buy thier own mower.
    1-Said I had too many restrictions regarding mowing frequency(All I asked is the price I quoted was for a 7 day service only. 14 day service would be an addtional charge)
    1-Said that I could do it every 14 days at that price otherwise I shouldn't bother showing up. (Looks like I won't be mowing that one)

    What's interesting is most of these folks are the one's I had planned on getting rid of NEXT year when I hopefully was maxed on my numbers (60 accounts hopefully):drinkup:
  4. bobbygedd

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    you shouldn't worry about it. if your clients aren't expendible, you are in big trouble
  5. sheshovel

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    You can always say"Was it something about my service you did not like?If so I would like to know."
    or "Were you dissatisfied with the service I provided in any way?"Can't hurt to ask..I mean they have already made up their mind.This comes with the business...move on.
  6. Evergreenpros

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    I've found it's best to calculate a number of cancelled customers either per month or per year. If I exceed that number then I will spend time trying to find out why. If I don't exceed that number then it's not worth my time.

    People will always cancel for a multitude of reasons, most out of your control. I worry if I don't have a customer turnover. Am I not charging enough? Am I spending to much time on their properties? Am I more worried about losing a customer than the real reason why I'm doing this? (money) Should I cancel some lower profit customers and devote that time I would have wasted servicing them to look for more profitable customers???
  7. dkeisala

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    I tend to take cancellations personally but I'm working on realizing the fact that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some people just can't be pleased. It's like fretting over an ex, sometimes it's just best to understand it just wasn't the right fit and move on.

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