What did SANTA bring you guys?


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I got mine a little earlier than Christmas but I consider it my Christmas anyway. I got a scanner, a digital camera, and a .40 Smith & Wesson. My daughter bought my wife and I a stereo for the bedroom, bought me a new mouse (logitech marble mouse) Trying to get used to it!

Been a good Christmas here, everybody is health thats the most important thing anyway.

Ya'll come!

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Sony DSC-S50 Digital Camera
24' Enclosed Car-Mate

Still waiting on the Ram 3500 Dump to Arrive


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Southwest VA
A new pocket knife to cut those weedeater lines and a CHEVY TRUCKS hat.


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A set of bark busters to go with my ney 2001 kawasaki 500 2 stroke motorcross bike,a early christmas present last month, a couple shirts, new thor jersey and riding cloves for my bike