What did you breake this year?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Nov 17, 2001.

  1. OK here is a good one. What did you break or damage this year.

    Me, supposedly an invisable fence wire.

    Spindle on Lazer, after some dumb azz (not me) drove it though a wood fence.

    Tail light on truck (not me) while plowing

    Cable wire while aerating at my house.

    That's it been a good year.
  2. Only thing that happened to us was caused by my 150lb rottweiler ,who killed a pit bull who some idiot sicked on him.we mow one account in a bad area so we always bring big thor with us .the moron had the nerve to try to sue us for his dead dog
  3. Oh my god. LMAO!!!

    I never though I would get this. BTW Thor huh, good name for a rott. They are all Thor to me
  4. lawnman_scott

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    Dead grass on the mower and a oil leak casued a fire, that cost $452 to fix. melted a fan on a blower, ran over a weedeater, dropped a pole saw and bent the pole. Burnt transmission out of 98 ford. Blew engine in 79 chevy dump. Broke a sliding glass door, and a few spriklers. Do we sould like a wrecking crew? lol. Just lots of work, and summer everything gets beat to death, but we are doing lawns every other week now and trying to fix equipment. But it really was a very bad year.
  5. awm

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    odin is your dog open to match:D just kidding
    did a little of that before i learned better many yrs ago.
    wish i had a big dog for my truck,but i worry that the grandkids might do something around the truck,and get hurt.
    the only thing i remember breakin was my yd wagon.
    my son loaded a large tree root on it from as high as th e
    backhoe bucket would go. it fell off and crushed the wagon.
    still dont really understand why the bucket was so high.
    oh well hes good kid .
  6. Bunton Guy

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    Yesterday shattered a glass window after the customer had taken it out and leaned it up against the house. I was blowing off the back patio and was blowing under it since it was leaning up against the house it was like a fan blade and flipped rite over...powerfull blower..it shattered she wanted me to fix it saying its a 200 year old french window and its gonna cost me thousands to replace it ...I said ma am im replacing the GLASS not the hole f` en window !. Other than that

    Invisible dog fence - Aerating.
    7 irigation heads- Aerating (customer said he didnt have irrigation huh ? stupid customer )
    3 gator blades- hit bricks hidden under bermuda grass.
    blow trans twice on 2000 F-150
  7. kutnkru

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    I stuck a shard of glass in my shin from a broken bottle when trimming an overgrown fenceline. And the typical bumps and scrapes associated with climbing around shrubs, trucks, and the trailers.

    Clipped a cable wire that the installer had laid into the shrubs when running a cable wire under their bow window. I guess the client just didnt want it anchored to their brick fascia (understandable). They should have reminded us though so they werent inconvenienced.

  8. LGF
    I've wrecked more than that much stuff in a day!

    I guess the worse one this year was when I mowed the top off of a well head and fired it into the front door of the house. It tore out the screen on the storm door and put a big dent in the front door. The homeowner let me off with replacing the well cover for $6

    I still don't know if I did it intentionally. I'd been mowing over that well cap for years. I was a little pizzed off. They were having a kid's birthday party in the yard, and just let the kids run around while I was mowing. Like I was going to take five minutes or so..
    So I went around to the front of the house and POW! there goes the well cover. They said in the house they thought a bomb went off.

    We have an understanding now, I mow only thru the week, when everyone's gone to school or work.

    I keep telling these people lawn mowing is NOT a spectator event!

  9. trimmer

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    Lets see, I broke the rear end in my truck and got in two wrecks.
    Ran over a soccor ball, broke some sprinkler heads, other than that I guess I did pretty good.
  10. rodfather

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    I broke my azz this year...no, really let's see.

    Blew the motor and tranny in my 4X4 Chevy Diesel. That was about $7,000. Blew the tranny in my F-350, 3 more thousand. Backed into someone in a parking lot. $550 out of pocket. Besides all that, nothing that I can think of.

    But the year ain't over quite yet...there's still time for something else to break!!!

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