What did you purchase this year? What's in line for next? (Updated for 2002)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Doogiegh, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. Doogiegh

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  2. Lawn-Scapes

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    This topic sounds familiar ;)

    Nothing major for me this year.. Had to save our pennies for the new house :)

    The Director, 15 gal sprayer and an Echo trimmer.

    Next spring I hope to purchase a compact tractor with loader.. probably Kubota BX2200.
  3. stevo22

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    here is what i started the year out with and a coulpe of things i picked up along the way.
    5x8 tilt trailer
    21 inch capsman
    ryobi weed whip with edger attachment
    weedeater brand blower
    home made trimmer rack

    after two weeks into cutting bought:
    homelight backpack
    toro 21 inch personal pace
    1987 gravely 36inch 11hp briggs (pita) but it got the job done
    stihl fs85
    remax 7000 blower
    ford 150 supercrew (used 30,000 mi)
    16 foot w/ 4foot sides (paid 500, couldn't pass it up)

    next year i am planning on buying 1 of these two combanations:
    48inch walker with the biggest hp i can afford
    hustler 48inch gatemaster/or exmark 36/32 deck

    exmark z rider (not sure on deck yet)
    hustler gatemaster/exmark 36/32 deck

    might even buy more if i have to add a crew next year...the sky is the limit...good luck to all
  4. KLMlawn

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    lets see ...

    52" Stander with 25 HP Kawi.
    Shindiawa M-230 multi purpose power unit with extended hedge trimmer, extended pole saw, & stick edger attachments.
    Spyker 120 electric spreader
    PG 3 gal electric boom sprayer attachment (to go with the spreader)
    Swing-Away mount for my leaf loader
    Oh, and a Jungle Jack manual machine lifting assitant, so I don't have anymore $1700 hospital bills from having the machine drop on my hand again.
    Think that is it ... for now :D :D
  5. dr grass

    dr grass Banned
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    hmmmm, lets see PARTS, PARTS, Parts, PARTS, PARTS AND MORE PARTS!!! you see ... i own PUKEHOPPERS!!!! HA HA

    shep :p
  6. Richard Martin

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    Here is what I wrote last year:

    For next year I will continue my quest for the perfect self-propelled side discharge mower. I will also be buying either an Echo PB650 or the Shindy/Redmax equivalent and paying off my Exmark Metro 36.

    I never did find the perfect self-propelled side discharge mower so I settled for a MTD. It does pretty well. I also got a Stihl BR420 instead of the Echo/Shindy/Redmax. I paid off the Exmark last month.

    Other than that all I bought was regular maintenance stuff.

    Next year I may buy a new 15 hp Kohler to replace the getting tired Kawasaki on my Exmark. The Kawi was originally on my 50" Gravely which I no longer have. I will also probably be getting a new trimmer.

    Since I had a little trouble finding the thread from last year using the above link I put the link here too.

    Last year's thread
  7. Loosestrife

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    2002= Year 15 in business.

    Purchases: 2002 2/4 ton chevy pickup, big engine, allison trans
    Dump insert for truck
    Fisher VEE plow
    misc. trimmers...

    Lots 'o medication to help me deal with stress

    Plans for 2003= Have everything sold, and into another venture.
  8. TJLC

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    This year I bought a new TTHP 48" 17 Kawi, e/s, ECS controls and a new Exmark sitdown steerable sulky and a new 16 foot dual axle open trailer. I also purchased a few small items. For next year, I don't have any paticular purchases in mind but I'm sure I will buy something, LOL.
  9. crawdad

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  10. brentsawyer

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    16' Trailer
    Fraden Blower
    Kawi Weedeater
    Lesco loader
    52" Turf Tiger
    Bosch compound sliding saw
    All racks avail through Jungle Jims

    Thats most of the big stuff that I can remember

    Next year looking at

    Brown Bed edger
    61" Turf Tiger
    1 ton w/ dump
    Isuzu NPV

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