What do I need- Nessesary Equipment.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Exmarkboy13, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Well i want be well prepared this year. I have everything listed in my sig except my tiller and my surplus of hand tools and a bunch of little stuff. I have all commercial equipment in new condition except the craftsman but thats just used to pull my stuff around. I am going to get a new spreader but was debating between a Lesco, Andersons, Or Spyker. But the Anderson and spyker are expensive and i hear that spyker has bad customer service.

    What else would I need, Like a push blower, aerator, dethacher, or stuff like that. What do I need to have a full landscape setup or do I already have it. Also what are some items that you guys have that i dont? thanks..
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    Walk behind to get through gates if there are any in your area, a push blower will help in leaves
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    As far as a spreader, I prefer lesco. Are durable and easy to push. Expensive but worth the money.

    Push blowers aren't much good unless you do larger open properties. Otherwise I would pick up another backpack. Then have someone else run the second one when doing cleanups.

    If you dont have one already, I would get a good catcher for your walkbehind. An accelerator with extender will save you tons of time when you suck up leaves. I would also get a jrco tine rake. You can use them in the spring for thatching and to get up leaves in the fall. I raise mine up a bit and it helps get out the stuck down leaves.

    Aerators are nice to have but if you only use them on a few lawns a year it just makes more sense to rent. I just line up all my aerations and knock them out in a day every fall. I do plan to add one soon as I am using them a bit more.

    Besides that stuff, it really helps to buy some high quality hand tools. A good pair of lopers, shears, and pruners are good to keep in the truck. Also a good nursery spade and plenty of spring rakes.
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