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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 11, 2006.

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    as happens several times, each year........we send renewel contracts out in february. depending on the type of service each client is getting, they have to make thier first payment by march 1st, or april 1st. then, each of the following payments are due by the first day of each of the following months. ok, so, mr jones recieves his contract on feb 5th. his first payment is due april 1st, second may 1st, third june 1st...etc. i recieve no contract, and no check. mr jones, don't get his grass cut. mr jones, notices we are cutting his neighbors, but not his. by may 5th, mr jones has quite a little cornfield in his yard. he calls and asks why we havn't mowed. simple- i got no contract + no dough. he says, well, i want you to mow. i say, ok, i need the first payment that was due april 1st, the second that was due may 1st, my signed contract, and your next payment is due june 1st......don't be late. mr jones is a bit upset that i'm demanding all this money and havn't mowed his property yet. i point out that, contracts were sent february 3rd. it aint my fault, he chose to ignore it. mr jones sent in contract, and payments for the due dates- april 1st, may 1st, and june 1st. also enclosed, was an apology for him neglecting to pay closer attention to my policies. we appreciate your cooperation....mr jones
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    i would say ask bobbygedd, BUT WAIT YOUR ARE BOBBYGEDD !!!!!!
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    Here's the way I see things, regular client or not, I really try and treat everybody the same, especially this time of year where some folks have a bit of that extra-tall stuff... It's a different story if someone tries to play it off, trying to be slick, but that's not the case here.

    It's really quite simple, I go out there and take a look at it, and if I figure it's going to take twice as long, I charge double, plain and simple. Hardly anybody complains, they're still saving some money because most of my yards have been cut 3-4 times by now, but I charge a fair rate and don't gouge or take advantage of folks just because I can - It costs more, a LOT more, but no more than what it costs based on how long it is going to take me plus extra wear and tear.

    If a regular calls (one did) late, hasn't had the yard serviced since last September, it was tall and leaves and crap everywhere: 85 dollars for an hour's worth of running my machine in the dirt (regular price is 40). It was a done deal, and I could've charged more but I didn't.
    Timewise I made out like a bandit, the machine will let me know later if I didn't, but that's paid for if something broke or tore.

    I wouldn't charge someone 3-4 times the rate if it doesn't take that.
    Don't take out your frustrations on them, even if it is their fault. You're the expert, that is why they call you, maybe they're not so good with this stuff and that is why this happens, so help them fix it, for a fair price.

    Or just drop them, but don't fight them, don't hurt them.
    That's a hard lesson to learn for me, too.
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    So he was just a little "short" sided in overlooking it, huh?

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