What do I need to get into landscape installs?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by stevenf, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. stevenf

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    Do you have to be a lisenced contractor to install small retaining walls, sidewalks, fountains, or anything of that matter.
    Im slowly building the landscape maintenance part of this business while my girlfriend becomes a landscape architect. Just trying to plan ahead for growing this business.
  2. sweetz

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    It all depends on what area you live in my friend. Call your county/city office & they will tell you or tell you who to call.
  3. Mike33

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    Yes, every state varies. Here in Md. you are recquired an Maryland Home Improvement Licence ( MHIC ) Take test, good credit, proof of Min. 50k liability ins., then screened. It is a felony to get caught working with out. BTW if your unlic. h/o can refuse to pay you because you are working illegal and you have no ground to stand on. It would be like calling the cops for someone stealing your dope. W.Va. which i border also recquires a lic. at one time you didn't need them for a job under 1000.00 but that includes the material also, and if it is a new home they incorporate the price of the home in to it otherwords have a lic. Pa. of which i border i dont think you need one but they are trying to get it passed.

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