What do I need to go legal in MI?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dmbmikee, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Hey Guys and Girls!

    I have been doing odd landscaping jobs, for the past 8 years, ranging from planting to some paver brick work . Well, I just hooked up with a very seasoned brick layer. I put out some flyers and the work is coming in BIG time. Anyhow, I have not been paying taxes on my odd jobs for the past 8 years, b/c I was making well under $1,000 for the whole summer. I have held another job as a medical technologist to support myself. Now, I'm going to go part-time with the medical stuff, and kick this landscaping thing into overdrive. I don't know what I need so that I can pay taxes, be licensed (if it's required), and get this biz going, LEGALLY. I'm worried that I'm gonna miss some important requirements. I know each state has different req's, but anyone know what Michigan requires? Any advice, info, or help will be very much appreciated. If there's another thread out there, just provide the link and I'll do the reading. Thanks a whole bunch. Ya'll are great!

  2. dmbmikee

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    Maybe I should not go legal.....?
  3. Grassmechanic

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    Get an accountant and a lawyer, they'll help you immensly.
  4. dmbmikee

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    I was thinking about getting a CPA. Actually, I am going to get a CPA.....but a lwayer, may be too expensive for me right now, eh?
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    Invest in an hour for both. That's probably $200 total. Write up a list of questions for each (the accountant and lawyer) about what you need to know and then go ask.

    You'll want them to specialize in small businesses. You can run to borders and look up a book on this kind of thing specifically for Michigan too. I was just there the other day and they had a book for creating an LLC in Michigan. (I'll still get a lawyer) But it does give you an insight into the questions you may not have thought of.

    Also start with a search on google "starting a business in michigan" came up with a few good sites.

    The state gov sites are the best ones to try out.
  6. dmbmikee

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    Thanks CC! I'll take yur advice....I'll try the google thing first and see if I can get a few good contact numbers, for a CPA and Lawyer.

    I just got my DBA papers yesterday, and on top of that, just sold a $7,000 brick patio:) Just in time.... I still have so much stuff to do, but this is a start. Just don't want to get too overwhelmed with all this stuff at once. I think the last thing I want to do, is try and go legit in the middle of the seasonal craze. Anyhow, thanks again. I appreciate yur help.

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