What do i want as a consumer from Exmark?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Acute Cut, Mar 10, 2002.

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    First and foremost let me say that i am 100% pro exmark. I have owned 5 different machines that you have made. You are the only choice in my mind for commercial grade equipment.
    Last year i bought an Exmark Lazer 60" liquid cooled. Wonderful machine, but not really right for my market area. I also have a 52" turf tracer that i love. Nothing beats the reliability or maneuverability of my wb. I sold my lazer in january. Again, it is a great machine, but not really right for my current market.

    What would i like to see exmark get? This is really just gee wiz info to you i suppose, but i feel that it is important because i have heard from others these exact thoughts as well.

    I would like, no, LOVE a walk behind mower with more horse power, a deeper deck, and most important.... a faster top speed. I have heard that Gravely has a wb that has a faster top speed than mine. I will of course always stick by exmark because of how wonderful you have been in your attentiveness to our wants, needs, and your continual super customer support system. My current wb does 6 mph. That is a big improvement obviously over my 21" mowers. lol.

    You give us this more horsepower, deeper deck, and faster top speed wb, and i guarantee you have ATLEAST one sold instantly.

    Companies are always wondering and doing market surveys asking what we want in a mower. Well, i was thinking about it and i thought that i would just drop you a note and tell you what i would like to see.

    Thank you very much for your time reading this.

    Acute Cut Lawn Care
    Bellingham, WA
    (Dealer-Carl's Mower and Saw in Ferndale,WA.)
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    Great feedback! We haven't covered all of the items on your wish list but have you seen the new full size Turf Tracer?

    It's got ECS controls, 1/2" deeper Ultra Cut deck (just like the Lazer), 20 or 23 hp Kohler v-twin with canister air filter or 23 hp Kawasaki. Reinforced front frame with larger tubing. It also has tapered roller bearings in the caster pivot (similar to Lazer), parking brake, 18 X 8.50 drive tires, and 11 X 4.5 caster tires. We’ve also made the 200 ft. lb. clutch std on all units (same clutch as that used on the Z’s), electric start, ground speed has increased 1/2 mph and tapered roller bearings in the front caster wheels (similar to Lazer HP).

    It's kinda like getting all the strength of a rider in a walk behind.

    Take a look and let me know what you think.



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