What do landscapers want/need?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by PannellsOutdoor, Aug 13, 2010.

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    i use to have the problem with age when I first started out. I taught my dealer a lesson though. After being ignored for about 20 minutes, I slowly started counting out the cost of the mower I was planning to buy. I would lay $100 after $100 on the table. Eventually they saw this and ran right over. I picked up my cash and said, "I think Ill take it somewhere that wants my money, you guys dont seem to need it." and walked out.

    Needless to say I hear your point. What dealers dont realize is most of us starting out young, have a lot more cash to blow. No kids usually, no wife usually, low expenses. We are a lot more liquid as well
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    Good for you to do that! When ever I had a business I knew that the younger guys were a good sale if you could convince them you had a good product. Even now I do service work for guys as young as 16 and they are the best because they pay cash on the spot and are not demanding. Not as much hassle as someone who has been in business awhile and nit-picks everything. Oddly enough I have found that the younger businessmen take better care of their stuff than the more established companies. Yes the ones who live at home with their parents have more disposable income and want to be treated like an adult. I know I did at that age.
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    That's pretty good. :D
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    i needed a wheel motor so i called my local scag dealer and the price was 725.00 for the motor only, and it will take a week to get in!!! so i call landscaper pro its in stock cost is 429.00 and will ship the same day so i had it the next day!!! i would like the dealers to be better priced have the parts on hand,or in a day or two! scag says that if our dealers dont have the parts we will overnight them too them!! why didnt my area scag dealer tell me that?maybe its because i didnt buy 6 mowers off them of 10 handhelds? screw them im a small business and cutting cost is a issue. i do all my maintance and break downs myself. so for a dealer work hard for youre one time customer give him the same respect and service as the customer that is always there. and be fair priced and they will return!!
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    A good dealer will let you have a demo as a loaner while your units are getting fixed. A good dealer has a large selection of parts, if not in stock a good dealer will get them for you next day. Some dealers here are selling weed eater string, water coolers, safety vests, ear plugs, bottled drinks in large quantities, trailer racks, truck tool boxes, tools. Oh I almost forgot them most important thing, a good dealer gives away lots and lots of freebies; hats, shirts, pens, etc!
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    I agree. Dealers should have either a loaner or at least a rental machine to fill in for the machine that you are getting serviced.
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    I like the loaner machine idea. I like a large variety of equipment to choose from and a dealer who knows whats on the market. Repairs should be quick and done properly. A friendly staff is a must.
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    I want a dealer that stocks parts. I do my own repairs. But that is a pain if someone calls themselves a dealer/distributor, but every part is a special order item. Having said that, a brick and mortar operation does not see much of me because by the time I spend going to a dealer to find out a part is not in stock and special order, I would have it ordered direct, scheduled to arrive at my doorstep within 5 business days.
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    A good dealer should have/do the following: put the commercial customer ahead of the homeowners for repairs...have loaner mowers available most of the time....overnight major parts at no additional cost....help the commercial guy with any info about the local area...whos up for bid, who is selling such & such..ect. offer good trade in dollars for guys to purchase new equipment...including the small machines...there is a huge market for good re-built machines..and offer a short warranty on them as well...30 days is good...our dealer makes us feel like king when we walk in the door...if we go to them with a problem they will truly try to fix whatever it is on the spot!!! he will do welding repairs, trailer stuff, truck hitches/light/brake controls ect...for his loyal customers....you have to, as a dealer go out of your way to let people know that if they are loyal to you and your shop that you have their backs....always!!!
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    Grow a beard, and not some cheesy goatee thing either.

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