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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mikefromny, Jul 21, 2005.

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    alright first off im in the new york area i got about 6 uncles that own businesses like this .. landscaping.. ever since i was a kid seeing them make livings out of these businesses i thought of it .. now i want to do it.. some suggestions would be appreciated i got lawnmower,edger,trimmer,blower basically all the basic stuff needed.. i was wondering do you go out with people and work or do u advertise and send people out? i work full time and was wondering any thoughts of what i should do ? get 2 workers and send them out with a commercial truck and trailer to do jobs while i still keep my other job? is that risky? give me your 2 cents id appreciate it? ill take time off from work , put ads, go around to get jobs .. set up routes and send them out? or should i go out and stop my work ? what do u think . could it work that way?
    -mike from ny
  2. splatz100

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    Starting out I would be on the job with my employees, I would never say go cut these houses with this guy and be back soon. After youve seen their work ethic and dedication, that is when I would send them off.
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    I agree with splatz100 if you are going to hire an employee, take him out with you and see how he works for at least a week. Sort of like a probationary period.
    But first thing is first get a business license, insurance and the right advertising. Then my opinion would be to start creating a customer base and once you have more than you can handle hire someone to take over that route and continue this process over an over again. Soon you may have a couple employees and profits coming in from their labor.

    Good luck
  4. JB1

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    If i had six uncles in the biz I would set down with one, and talk with him about it.

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