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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fine Lines, May 2, 2008.

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    Guy I work with on my regular job turned me down last year to give him a lawn bid (I was just starting out) but asks me this year to give him a bid.I ask him what the other guys were charging,he states $140. I would guess about 2 to 2 1/2 acre.After looking at it walking the yard with him and his wife,I told him I could it for that.Well following week the day before I do it he says the guys would only mow the part closest to his neighbor on the other side of driveway,every other time. Said o.k. And the day of he tells me not to mow that part this time. Area being about 15 to 20 min. Worth of work with the ztr.
    Well I mow the grass get done his wife ask how much,kinda puzzled (because she was there when I bid it) I stated the $140.Then she looks puzzled and states that they only charged that when mowing the other side of drive way.I was caught off guard and said well what did they charge you,not meaning I'm following their suit....just asking.She sarcasticly states well you tell me your the one trying to get you business started!
    I said I understand that,just didn't realize all this,first I'm hearing of it.
    Then she ask if I could mow the pond damn that's overgrown which I had to mow several times to get it down,said she would throw in 20 extra if so.
    Well next day at work he hands me a check for $100. I told him that I was only going off of what we had talked about and nothing was ever said about less money.Regardless,rather than dispute it with him,I told him if the other guys can do it for that then go ahead they can hav e it.I have to say I was hesitant on taking it because of suspicions that they can be real contreversial and just all around PITA.
    Sorry the long thread.
  2. Too bad, sounds like a nice size account. But if they're starting with jerking you around it'll never get any better. You did the right thing.
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    you did the right thing , the 1 thing i relize is if you start dreding going to your jobs well than its time to get rid off them, somtimes the money is not worth the headaches. you need to have pride and tell these people f off.
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    Ya just past experiences with the guy,could see things becoming problematic,I thought best just let it slide and give it up.Wouldn't take it now if he ask and I'd tell him why!
    Plus his wife stumbled into a job where she makes really good money and she's one these that likes to act like she's this all important executive type and loves the role of employer.....do this and do that,which is fine but just not worth it to me.Lot of grass out there guys!
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    That sucks. Tell them your terms. Tell them that you would like to service thier property, but your not gonna half ass the job. You will do the whole thing, weekly for $140 each time, and it will look nice. Tell him that even if he wants that part skipped every other time; the price is the same, because its harder to mow when its taller the following time. If they accept, get a signed service agreement that outlines the scope of work, and the price. This way everything is in black and white print. It's harder for anyone to be a PITA when its in black and white, and signed.

    At least give them the option of staying with you, on your terms, rather then telling him to go back to the other guy.
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    Thanks for the opinions guys,ya actually waiting for him to approach me next time it needs mowed,and if so gonna turn it down.Not been doing this long but have already had a few people that try and set your price for you,and I have learned to not let this happen.
    There will be people haggle with you,it's the nature of the beast,it's how you respond and sell yourself is what counts.Previous jobs and such has helped me out with this aspect of it,selling cars etc.
    But you still have always be aware,with the hunger for business,it's easy to allow someone to do this.

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