what do u think of the Dodge 2500 Hemi

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by swing blade, May 31, 2003.

  1. swing blade

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    Ok guys,

    First of all I am a Dodge man. I think Chevy needs to change there body style to a more updated version. The new ones are ok, but still. I have driven Chevy trucks and from my expierience they don't hold up that well. I have also driven ford trucks, and it may have been the setup, but I thought the ride was unusually rough. I know its a truck, but even still it shouldn'tbe that bad. I went and looked at the Dodge ram 2500 Hemi. Its a 5 speed 2*4 quad cab long bed. The truck handled great and had lots of power. I will be towing a 20 trailer ( tag ) about 3 times a month. The trailer will be close to 6500 lbs. I don't know how well the hemi will do this and what the mpg will be like so hopefully you guys can give me some insight. I would like to go diesel but the difference in price is a lot.

    Thanks for the help

    swing blade
  2. grassdaddy

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    That hemi has hp--hp don't pull, torque does.the big hemi makes 5more ft.lbs of torque than a v8 Nissan.that don't impress me.But the cummins is a real Workin mans engine.I BET IF YOU COULD GET SOMEONE TO TELL THE TRUTH CONSERNING MPG,YOU'D NOT WANT A HEMI.They do have cool commercials on TV.:)
  3. ffemt1271

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    a friend has same truck as me with a hemi 14mpg on highway, 9 pulling travel trailer. my diesel 20-21 on highway and 13.9 pulling travel trailer. considering the oil change length difference a diesel really doesnt cost that much more to operate. sure the engine option costs more but your fuel savings will pay for it in the long run. lets see someone put over 500k on a gasser then we'll talk
  4. swing blade

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    i agree with you totally. I test drove both the hemi and the diesel ram 2500 series trucks and I love the diesel, but I am only going to be towing on a very occasional basis. I know that torque pulls, but I was just curouis to see if any of you guys use the hemi setup

    thanks again
  5. Barkleymut

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    I have an '03 Chevy 2500HD with the 6 liter engine. It pulls my 7000 lb trailer easily. I don't know the difference in torque between the Dodge and mine but I'd bet its pretty close.
  6. brucec32

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    Hmmmm, which would he rather have?

    ...blistering acceleration, a smoother ride, sharper handling, better steering feel, $5000 more in his pocket, and cool 20" wheels for the 90% of the time he's NOT towing a trailer

    ....or moderately better pull and less gear hunting from the transmission when towing and saving some fuel costs 3 times a month?

    He also won't have to search for or wait for the single diesel pump at the station with a clear shot to pull his 40 foot rig into in suburbia (if they even have one), and he won't have to shut his dang engine off to order a super sized extra value meal at McDonald's due to the clackety diesel noise.

    Not everybody tows 9,000 lbs every day, puts 30,000 miles on a year, plows snow, or idles for hours. More is not always better. Diesels have their place, but for ocassional use, anything under a truck's rated towing load should be ok with a mere 1500 series, 6000 lb "light duty" Ram.

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