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what do u think??


LawnSite Senior Member
found an old pic on the computer from when i ran out of the back of my truck from 2yrs ago...1day a week i am doing all small lawns in one hood and im thinkin about just runnin out of my truck with the 36''...what do u guys think about this??


LawnSite Senior Member
West Chester, Pa
Dude I'm doin it. So what you don't have a trailer. I don't yet. Purchasing other equipment is more important to me right now although I would like a trailer ASAP. Don't listen to anyone talkin smack about how it's SOOOOO unprofessional and you'll look like an idiot. Whatever!!!!!!!! I don't listen to those BOSO's anymore. I got my truck, my 36", and my other equipment and I'm doin just fine. The mower cuts grass whether it came off your truck or a trailer. I would just STRONGLY recommend that you have a set of really good ramps with a brace in the middle that secures the two ramps together cuz if you drop that mower, you can get hurt or ruin that thing. But heck ya dude if that's all you can afford right now, make up for it with your quality and customer service. My customers love me and right now I look like one of those "workin for beer money" guys but I do a hell of a job and take pride in my work.


LawnSite Senior Member
I think he currently has a trailer and is thinking about going back to just a truck... It it works for you do it. It would be easier to get around.


LawnSite Senior Member
I would. I have always said that you should run with just the truck for as long as you can until you have enough jobs that forces you to use the trailer. You save on gas for one thing, but then again if you already have a trailer, my biggest thing was just holding off until buying one to save the cabage and let the business pay for the new trailer instead of you paying for the trailer. 6 one way 1/2 dozen the other.

Allens LawnCare

LawnSite Senior Member
Eastern CT
Go for it.....you have to start somewhere. Most people that go out and buy everything before they have an established client base go under quick.....keep cutting, save up and buy what you need when you need it!


LawnSite Fanatic
Chattanooga, TN
I think I would continue to use the trailer since you already have it.

Midwest Lawn Services

LawnSite Member
St. Charles, MN
My customers love me and right now I look like one of those "workin for beer money" QUOTE]

Trailer or not...it doesn't matter. Just be sure, for the industries sake, that your not lowballing. Beer is great, but bread and butter is better. Some of us rely on profit margins. You can too, if you don't already. Not trying to be a jerk, and sorry if I come across that way, I have just seen a lot of guys loose great accounts from other LCO that are in it for "just the beer." Good luck to you this year! May you be as sucessful as you wish! And have a beer for me too!!:drinkup: