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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by jwilson32, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. jwilson32

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    Im just getting into sprinklers and was wondering what you think of my price.
    4 zone system. 12 RB 5004, 18 RB 1804, 4 DV valves, and Pro mod controller. Im gonna run a main line for my valves. Im using sch40 pvc from the tap through the backflow and then 200 from my valves to the zones. im going to use approx. 100' of sch40 and 700' of 200. Im trenching since its my first install. Ive added everything in like valve boxes, wire, glue, fittings, etc. The material came out to $965.00 after %30 markup and tax. My labor is the same. so the total for a 4 zone system is $1930.
    How am i doing?
  2. HBFOXJr

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    That means for a job that will take you at least 45 man hours from start to finish including drive time, buying, installing and going over with the customer you will have earned $22.22/ hr for your labor, phone, F-250 power stroke, trailer, trencher use or rental and "other goodies". How do you think you are doing?
  3. brentlent

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    I've always marked up my parts way more than 30%. It depends on your area and the discount you get from your supplier. However, make sure your not selling a $150 retail backflow device for $75 just because you got a good deal on it.
  4. SprinklerGuy

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    I;ll probably get slammed for this but here goes:

    ON installs I don't mark up parts....just listen

    probably know my numbers and needs better than most....therefore, I figure out all my materials for the job, down to the fitting...well almost down to the fitting.....I figure out how many heads and then have a fixed price per head which includes the pipe to the head, the swing arm, the fittings etc.....then I also know how many valves of course....the fixed price per valve includes all fittings and valve box of cours...than timer andbackflow plus mainline....that is all the easy part, I bet I am withink 25 - 50 bucks on a 4 valve system like this...anyway that is not my point.

    Than I figure out how many man hours it will take to do the job.....multiply that by my hourly rate needed to hit my mark and that is the price.

    I am still usually in the top third pricewise when competing against other contractors.....therefore, if I were bidding your job my price would be:

    $2455 plus sales tax...would take my two man crew 2 days to do this job, we would use our trenching subcontractor and our salesman/foreman would spend 4 hours tops, including walking job with client and getting paid at the end.

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