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What do you all think about exmark viking?


LawnSite Senior Member
As you all can tell i am researching new mowers. I have a belt drive 48" gravely i paid off this year. I have the itch to sell it and get some thing more user friendly. I only mow 5 or 6 yards a week, but some are hilly and have obstacles. I have thrown around getting a jd 717, i have thrown around a full blown tthp 19/48. But i would like to spend as little as possible and still be happy. So anybody have any thoughts on the 48" viking? Is the 15 horse enough? I like the looks of it.. I know it would be money well spent to upgrade to a tthp, but is it nesseccary??? Wouldnt the 15 horse viking use less fuel? I dont mind slowin down a little in the heavy stuff.. Basically i want a hydo walk behind so i have reverse and more control while mowing. I want to get away from belts.. So any input about the viking?? Oh another thought i want some input on, If you have only one mower shouldnt it be a walk behind? Seems like a walk behind is the jack of all, and the rider would be morel imited? Is my thinking correct? Or can a rider replace the walk behind and mow just as much?(RIDER in my case would say a jd 717) Any thoughts???

later chris


LawnSite Platinum Member
Stay with what you have. Since you just paid it off and only have 5 or 6 lawns anyway why keep buying mowers? Also nothing wrong with belt drives either. Our 50" belt drive Gravely pulled us around on a velky for years (3,200 hours) and we never had any issues with the belt drive.

Side note we cut 75 lawns a week and we only use 2 ZTR mowers. 34" Gravely and 48" Tank. Our walk behind has been sitting idle in our back yard for 2 years now. Granted if you have steep hills them a walk behind is essential.


LawnSite Member
madison wi
This is my third year with the Viking. It really gives a nice cut. I do several lake properties with hills and the hydro seems to be the only way to go.


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a 36" viking and love it. It has the same 15 horse engine as on the 48. I will tell you that the only time i bogged it down was cutting really overgrown wet grass. The length that I was cutting off was probably 8" long and that was with the deck all the way up. And when it bogged I was moving kinda fast and it only slowed it down a little bit, I could have kept going at that clip. So im sure the 15 will be plenty on the 48! And to say it again, I LOVE my viking.


LawnSite Fanatic
McMurray, PA
I have an Exmark Viking, 36" deck, 15hp Kohler ProCommand engine. It has been through nearly 10 seasons, and still performs well. My machine was before ECS, so it has pistol grips, but that is fine with me. This machine has been used very hard, with probably over 6,000 service hours. The engine has been replaced one time, but nothing has been done with the pumps or wheel motors. Spindle bearings have been replaced several times, and drive tires have been replaced one time.

I consider this machine to be very, very sound and reliable. I don't think I have lost one hour of working time because of an equipment problem.