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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jcanada, Feb 10, 2003.

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    I am just curious what you call your services. If you just do lawn applications - not mowing. I bet 90% of the mowing services in my area call their business "lawn care." This is true, but if all they do is mowing why do these guys use the term lawn care. I specialize in turf and ornamental applications and when customers see lawn care on the side of my vehicles they usually associate "lawn care" with mowing. What are some catchy phrases you may use to set your business apart from mowing services? Do any of you other turf applicators not understand why mowing services call their business lawn care? Thank you.
  2. Tvov

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    It goes both ways. I sometimes am confused by fertilizing services calling themselves "Lawn care", when they don't mow. How can you be taking care of lawns if you don't mow?

    A lot of the "lawn application" companies in my area call themselves a "lawn service", and then under that in their advertising or on the trucks simply add "fertilizing service".

    Most of my customers who have had companies taking care of their properties in the past know the differences, and also know to ask to be sure. I haven't found it much a problem.
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    In the gren industry, the technical term, (used in agronomy and turf management text), for fertilization and weed control is lawn care. The mowing and other operations are referred to as lawn maintenance. Also, a major gren industry term for the full operation is Grounds Maintenance or even more so, Landscape Management. I hope this helps.
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    Hey Runner,
    I see that "the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'" in your neck of the woods.
    Anyway, I agree w/ your definitions imperically. Lawn care = care of turf & plant health. Lawn maintenance = how its maintained, height of cut & how often.
    BTW - since we're more or less a full service LCO, we go by Landscape Management.

  5. walker-talker

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    I recently received my chem app license. Last year I took an add i the yellow pages, but did not advertise for chem apps. A lady calls me the other day (after seeing my add in the yellow pages) and ask if I offer lawn care. I said yes. She she ask if I can come out and give her an estimate. I said sure, what are you interested in.....mowing? She says no, lawn care. I then say ok, like what mowing, aerating, dethatching? "no", she says, "lawn care".....haha. It was a bit confusing and humorous. I finally said like weed control and some kind of program??? She says YES. I had not advertised for this and only have been certified for about a week so I was a little confused why she was asking for a service I have never advertised for. So I guess there is some truth to what Runner said. Lawncare= weed control.

  6. PaulJ

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    At first I said "lawn care and Landscape maintenance"

    But I wasn't sure that was clear, Often "Lawn care" is used to describe fertilizer applicators. Than there are those "mowing" companies

    I do both plus several other maintenance services, and I can do some light landscape work as well.

    Now I say "Complete Lawn Maintenance"

    I hope that gets the message across

    I Will try to attach my flier. Maybe it will show it better.

    This is just the Text. The actual flier loks a lot better printed in works. I just couldn't get it to attatch.

    Your Complete Lawn Maintenance Specialist

    Paul Arens 36173 State Hwy. 22, Monroe NE, 68647 (402)495-4044
    WWW.megavision.com/groundskeeper [email]pjarens@megavision.com[/email]

    The Groundskeeper offers multiple services and options for your lawn maintenance needs.

    Weekly mowing-- 5 Step fertilizer program--
    * Trimming and edging each visit. * Slow release granular fertilizer.
    * Blowing debris off hard surfaces. * Complete broadleaf weed control.
    * Bagging grass when needed. * Grassy weed control.
    * Controlling weeds in walks and drives. * Grub, insect, and disease control
    * Special services available. available.
    * Simple mowing available.

    Other services--

    * Power raking and/or dethatching. * Hedge trimming/pruning.
    * Aeration with core type aerator. * Mulching landscape beds.
    * Power sidewalk edging. * Planting services available.
    * Weed control in landscape beds. * Landscape edging installed.
    * Weed control in parking lots and drives. * Landscape lighting services.
    * Garden tilling. * Over seeding/lawn renovation.
    * Brick, patio stone or flagstone walks, etc. * If you need something, just ask.

    Educated, Experienced, Insured, Member of NPLCA and NTF, Certified Pesticide Applicator
  7. PaulJ

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    That still doesn't show it right. The tabs are all mesedup. I will try one more time Attatch a text file.

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  8. GrazerZ

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    After our company name on our cards it says "Landscape Management" , since we do many things. Our catch phrase is "our business keeps on growing"
  9. richard coffman

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    My company does, lawn & landscape maintenance, fertilizing and weed control, and other services as well. I decided to go with "Land care" to cover all my bases with what i do.

    RIchard Coffman/Owner
  10. Tony Harrell

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    I put "Lawn and Landscape Services" on my card to pretty much cover it. If they want to know, they'll ask.

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